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YouTube New Monetization rules will disable Small Channels


YouTube will now impose stricter standards for Monetized videos

YouTube’s New Monetization rules

YouTube New Monetization Rules: If you are thinking about how to create a youtube channel for earning money then stay away because Youtube has announced measure changes in its monetization standards after logan paul’s suicide forest incident, youtube took this step after receiving complains from various advertisers about where their actual ads get placed.

YouTube’s new monetization rules will hit small youtube channels the most. The updated rules state that channels monetized by Google AdSense, they must have a total watch time of 4,000 hours in the past 12 months and a minimum 1,000 subscribers.

Youtube will now supervise videos published by most popular youtube channels. Youtube will not verify or check each and every video, but it’s going to start advancing strong moderation tools that will assist advertisers to feel safer for where there ads actually appearing.

Youtube is always great platform where many advertisers place their ads and advertise themselves, but in many cases, after approving for partner program many channels violates youtube’s policy and advertisers ads may get misplaced. for improving such issues youtube now monitoring all youtube channels more strictly and deep;y and surely it will be the great news for advertisers who publish ads on youtube.

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For small-scale youtube channels, youtube has given a deadline to improve watching hours as well as channel subscribers and it is 30 days periods so it will help some channels and unfortunately, some channels may get kicked off out of youtube community.

There are many youtube channels on niche topic such as bodybuilding, diet, motivational which helps people lot but because they were not able to generate subscribers they may be out of monetization program.

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Let us discuss your favorite youtube channel and your opinions on this new youtube policies.

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