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WWDC 2017 macbook: Apple upgrades MacBooks, iMacs and MacBook Pro with latest Processors.


First day of keynote at WWDC 2017 apple revealed some major updates, Apple upgraded its MacBook line with some advancements in hardware and graphics, Apple refreshes and rebuilt its MacBook line-up with latest and faster processor, advancements in graphics and major upgrades for storage capacity and speed improvements.

WWDC 2017 MacBook features, Advancements and more

Apple updated its MacBook with faster and latest processor, more thunderbolt ports and even better and brighter retina displays.

Now 21.5″ iMac now come with retina 4K Display and dedicated Graphics.

Upgraded specifications for MacBooks and iMac

Latest iMac is powered by latest 7th generation intel’s Kaby Lake processors that runs at frequency speed up to 4.2 GHz along with turbo boost up to 4.5 GHz, Company said that, “it supports twice the Memory as the previous generations”.

“Fusion Drive is now standard for all 27″ and high end 21.5” iMacs. Latest iMacs comes with faster Thunderbolt 3 ports and SSD storage which is now 50% faster than previous generations iMacs.

iMac now comes with more enhanced display made by apple ever, now iMac features 43% brighter and supports up to 1 Billion Colours, providing real colours and massive true life experience to its users.

MacBook and MacBook Pro

Upgraded MacBook comes with 7th generation intel core i7 processors codenamed as “Kaby Lake” gives speed in frequency up to 1.3 GHz and turbo boost up to 3.6 GHz and faster SSD which gives speed 50% faster than previous generations and supports the twice the memory. Latest MacBook editions weighs only 2 pounds and ultrathin measuring only 13.1mm thin.

MacBook is the ultra-light and thinnest laptop ever made in computing industry powered with high performance hardware and smooth and powerful software.

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