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windows 10 Redstone 3 features: Complete overhaul of new upcoming update

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windows 10 Redstone 3 overview

Windows recently pushed developer preview of windows recent update called windows 10 Redstone update. This update now in development and we’ll look into some of its key features.

Microsoft working on its next big update to windows 10 called Redstone after windows 10 creators update roll-out. This update focused on new improvements in windows 10 and it set to launch in Q4 in 2017.

My people

My people is the social network feature allow user to set your favourite contacts in his/her taskbar for quick access to chats, social activities and collaborating with some windows features like adding in docs.

 Windows 10 Project Neon

Microsoft is working on a new design for windows 10 that gives user interface a new overhaul. Microsoft already spotted project neon, this will reflect in coming windows updates.

Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft teased that windows 10 is now coming for ARM based processors with win32 emulation support. On arm processors windows 10 powered machines will run win32 bit programs. means it will have unlocked on windows 10 store. And also Microsoft will hit with new edition of windows called windows 10 Cloud.

One Drive

Developers asking this feature from a long time since it is removed from windows 10. Microsoft will again add this feature in windows 10, and this will available in windows 10 Redstone 3. named as On-Demand Sync.

Cortana Speakers

In Redstone build, Microsoft working incredibly hard to support Cortana speaker.it means many Cortana connected device hit the market with Redstone 3 update.


This feature is not purely confirmed but this originally come up with windows 10 mobile, Microsoft recently announced that insiders will receive separate build from PC to go live with feature called CShell. Rumors said that it will not come with Redstone update but it will hit market in 2018.


Tabbed shell is the new feature on which Microsoft is working that shows Microsoft will give tab support for each and every app with windows 10.

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