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Windows 10 Creators update rolling out for windows phone, More than 50% models eligible.


If your windows phone is not compatible with windows 10 creators update, then you can download and install developer preview and enjoy its features for now.

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Windows 10 creators update is rolled out for and hitting PCs & It is gorgeous. Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 10 Mobile creators update to its eligible devices packed with stunning features and improved performance.

Microsoft is using Unified Update Platform to make windows update faster and small in size, Microsoft is using delta updates for their new updates roll outs. Which means windows users now able to download and update only those packages which is updated not the whole package and waste its data.

As mentioned on MSpoweruser Microsoft windows 10 creators update boosts the functionality and performance of Bluetooth and improved support for Bluetooth GATT server Profiles. Which means wearables now receive text and calls directly on their wearables.

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Microsoft edge also received a new update featured with inbuilt PDF reader but it is now limited only books purchased in windows store. Speaking of emoji, and many new emoji’s along with Color emoji in edge in sync with the PC version.

For ringtone lovers, they can drag and drop ringtones in ringtones folder compatible formats and this is not for everyone but those who likes customization they can enjoy.

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Microsoft also improved support for video playing in continuum if you streaming it via miracast. This feature reliable for Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL and other continuum devices.

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Along with other features battery and stability improvements and more small under the hoods improvements is done by Microsoft in this update.

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