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WhatsApp is down for 2 hours: Why WhatsApp is Down?, Why WhatsApp is not working?


WhatsApp users unable to send or receive messages because famous messaging app WhatsApp facing problem and it goes down worldwide.

This problem is very critical, even users not able to load chats also, which leads many users to blame and problem actually happen with WhatsApp servers.

Now WhatsApp is back on track and working properly. According the article on independent, This WhatsApp problem is particular focused in Western Europe, the East coast of the US and South America.

Users reported problem that they not able to send any kind f message, not able to receive message also not able to login and loading the chats conversations etc. WhatsApp previously also down in 2015 New Year’s Eve.

There is no specific reason mentioned for this outage, WhatsApp also not mentioned any maintenance or else details on its twitter account, WhatsApp’s twitter account is not updated since 2014.

We’ll update here if we get reason why WhatsApp is down, Mention your views, problems, and more details in comments.

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