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What is iOS jailbreak, Know How to Jailbreak iPhone, Cydia Impactor, Pangu And More


ios jailbreak

If you are surrounded by iPhone or iPad users, you probably heard a term ‘iPhone jailbreak‘. From the name jailbreak, it sounds horrible or something risky but not aware of term Jailbreak. you can read here what is mean by iPhone Jailbreak and how to jailbreak iPhone.

What is Jailbreaking?

jailbreak is a concept associated with iOS devices, if you’re using an iPhone then you may know how many restrictions are there on your iPhone. from customization to Bluetooth, from themes to widgets and all major and minor Cydia tweaks which you can do easily in android.

jailbreaking iOS device which is iPod, iPhone and iPad means breaking down iPhone’s limitation and install third-party app store known as Cydia. Installing and applying various apps and tweaks which not given on iOS App Store or not verified by Apple.

iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team, Pangu, Redsn0w, evad3rs is the best jailbreak developers.

Brief History of Jailbreaking

As we already read about what is a jailbreak, now we will see a history of jailbreak in detail. In the early stage of iOS, it came with more restriction than today, even App Store is also not available for iOS. So the limitation is vast but users want more productive and restriction free iPhone.

iphone jailbreak

Jailbreaking is a term which says adopting code from different devices, from different devices, phones and even from gaming consoles. So later it became adding external code or custom code and removing DRM limitation from OS.

Rooting Android Device and jailbreaking iOS Device is quite same. Jailbreaking is term mainly used with iPhones, iPods, and iPads, this jailbreaking process or community started in 2007 and hackers still growing. Apple patches iOS and hackers exploit new vulnerability to inject the code and jailbreak the iPhones. In this war, sometimes hacker finds various ways to exploit vulnerabilities and apple patches those security helps. It makes iOS more secure day by day.

In October 2007 the iPhone Dev Team, a team of hackers from different regions of the world, released the first public jailbreak with proper installation instructions. The process of jailbreaking then was considerably more complex than it is today. Once jailbroken, a barebones ‘app store’ called Installer.app was added for installing hacks and tweaks.

It removes the basic restrictions like ringtone setup, icon designs and some additional tweaks to make iPhone better.


When iPhone Dev Team launched jailbreak for iPhone 3G on iOS 2.0 with Cydia, it captures the attention of public.


Jay Freeman nicknamed Saurikhe is the known as the father of jailbreaking. Jailbreak is developed by Saurik but Cydia is developed by Jay Freeman. Cydia is the app or platform to install jailbreak tweaks, apps and adding various jailbreak app developers Repos at single place.

Jay Freeman nicknamed Saurik
Jay Freeman AKA Saurik, Father of Jailbreaking (Image Source: iClarified)

Saurik is an American businessman and software engineer and passionate programmer. he is known for Cydia. Previously he is in love with Nokia phones, later iPhones capture mobile web but gave iPhones with lots of restrictions such as unable to send a message to multiple numbers at once, No customization, No Ringtones, No Bluetooth and many more.

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In 2008, Apple revealed App Store, saurik is aware of that apple will keep app store environment closed. You cant install app which is not approved by Apple. for better understanding, we will see the example of android.

Android allows you to install a third-party app by simply allowing them from settings, In setting, there was option allow apps from unknown sources. This type of service is not provided by iOS at that time. Saurik changed this by inventing Cydia for its own use.

Cydia is very broad than app store, the 90% apps present on Cydia is not an actual app. It is tweaks and extensions which allows you to unlock restriction or add some better customization and features in your iPhones and iPads.

Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu is a Chinese hacker community who developed pangu jailbreaking tool for jailbreaking iOS. These tools are specially developed for iOS, which bypasses device limitations and grants root access to iOS.

pangu jailbreak

iOS 7.1 jailbreak first developed by Pangu Team and jailbreaks various iOS 7.1 devices. devices including iPod, iPhone, and iPad jailbreaked by Pangu Tool. Pangu successfully jailbreaked iOS 7.1.2, later apple fixes these vulnerabilities.

On October 22, 2014, Pangu released a Pangu jailbreak Tool for iOS 8.0-8.1. With the first release, Cydia is not included in it but later Cydia is integrated with the tool in version 1.1.0.

On March 11, 2016, Pangu released Pangu9 v1.3.0 that included a jailbreak for iOS 9.1.

Pangu Provides jailbreak for most iOS versions, you can easily jailbreak iOS using Pangu Tool. you can jailbreak iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. you can also jailbreak iOS 10 without computer using Pangu tool.

The Pangu9 (iOS 9 – 9.1) worked by allowing access to the photos app to be able to install the unsigned application Cydia. Pangu9 (iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3) used a similar exploit. Allowing notifications enabled the installation of Cydia. (Source: Wikipedia)

Pangu Tool

An initial release of Pangu is not included Cydia, but pangu team provided one tool that allows you to install Cydia with additional utilities.

Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor is a tool developed by father of Jailbreak Saurik. It allows you to install IPA on iOS and APK on Android. you can exploit various vulnerabilities related to Master KEy in Android using Cydia impactor.

How to jailbreak iPad, iPhone, iPod

Using Pangu tool you can easily jailbreak your iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

(Source: EverythingApplePro)

Best Cydia Tweaks

Activator: This tweak provides a lot of shortcuts which allow you can use to invoke actions quickly.

Auxo 3: Auxo 3 is one of the best multitasking tweaks. It offers three main features, namely Multi-Center, Quick Switcher and Hot Corners.

Alkaline: Alkaline lets you change your iPhone’s Battery, Wi-Fi, and Data indicators without using WinterBoard.

Apex 2: Apex 2 provides you with a new interface for the stock iOS folders. You can group up to four additional sub-apps to a primary app icon.

AppLocker: AppLocker allows you protect your data with higher level by setting a passcode for individual apps like Photos, Messages or Facebook.

Brower Changer: It allows you to change the default browser, which is Safari, to the one you prefer.

Bytafont 3: You can change the font using this tweak.

BioLockdown: BioLockdown not only allows users to protect iOS apps but also restricts access to toggles and settings panes in the Stock settings app.

Cercube 3: It also allows you to export audio to the Music app, play in the background, download videos in 1080p and much more.

CCSettings Free: you are able to configure Control Center options from Settings. You can add some essential toggles like Cellular data, Location Services, Hotspot, VPN.

Additional Best Cydia Tweaks

  • Camera Tweak 4
  • Confero
  • CallBar
  • Display Recorder
  • Detailed Battery Usage
  • Eclipse 3
  • Equalizer Everywhere
  • Forcy / RevealMenu
  • PrefDelete
  • Failsafe
  • GuestMode

Write your favorite Cydia tweaks in comments and share with your friends.


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