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Vivo Builds First Smartphone With In-screen Fingerprint Sensor


Vivo in screen fingerprint Sensor Goes Viral in CES-2018 and it is AMAZING.

vivo in screen fingerprint


Vivo first revealed it’s in screen fingerprint sensor technology. The prototype was shown formerly relied on ultrasonic signals to transmit the fingerprint from above the glass to the sensor below. The actual design uses an optical signal to the sensor can see directly through the display.

Vivo’s home button arrives only when you need it and then gets hide automatically. We can expect this technology will be adopted by high-end devices such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and next iPhone.

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Vivo partnered with Synaptics to launch the first smartphone in the world with a fingerprint sensor under the display, and we saw this technology in CES 2018.

Clear ID possibly works only with OLED screens, utilizing the gaps among the pixels to scan the fingerprint.

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There is no confirmation from Vivo when this flagship Vivo smartphone will launch or how much it’ll cost and what additional features we will see in this upcoming flagship killer, but the device shows Clear ID technology is amazing and impressive.

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