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“Undo send” mail in Gmail, activate and use this awesome useful feature


Sometimes you send wrong mail or something else which you can’t reverse back but you can undo sent mail in Gmail using “Undo Send” option.

“Undo Send Mail in Gmail” (Image credits: techgyd)

Finally, Gmail’s Undo Send feature able to reverse back sent mail within specific time, time duration is 5,10,30 seconds as per the users given time duration. As article mention on mashable about inbox zero. Inbox zero is basically a pipe dream. User many times have to confirm send button to come to know fast he/she entered wrong recipient name.

Gmail now provides handy feature because Gmail now gives Undo Send feature to reverse back these sent mails within specific time duration.

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This awesome feature introduced in 2015 and allows Gmail user to reverse back these changes within specific time duration in seconds. Within this time duration user can quickly reverse back these emails.

But important thing is Gmail Users have to turn on these handy features to undo these “Send Mails” so if you send any important mail then you can take it back.

How to turn on these feature.
Select time duration (Image credit: howtogeek)
  • Login into Gmail Account.
  • Click on Gear in Upper Right corner.
  • Scroll Down and enable “Enable Undo Send”.
  • Select “Send Cancellation period” and mention time in Seconds.
  • Save Changes

So finally “Undo Send” feature is enable and now you can use this awesome feature and  avoid your mail trouble.

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