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Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark Review: Genuine Upgrade


Ubuntu 17.10 ultimately enabling users to set their controls on the numerous advanced and diverse modified Ubuntu ever. Unlike several other Ubuntu releases, the Artful Aardvark was one of the most controversial practices Canonical has built in years.

Ubuntu 17.10 Review

ubuntu 17.10 review
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Ubuntu 17.10 stablesmooth and solid release

The common notable innovation in the new release is ditching Unity for GNOME Shell. Although Unity was an excellent UI, it was being grown completely by Canonical. Unity 8 was also so notably far away from growing mature. Users have been anticipating for it since 2013, and they didn’t even survive to get a thoroughly-practical and a working release of it. Thus, holding with Unity for the next LTS releases wouldn’t take Ubuntu anywhere. It was surely a hard judgment for Canonical to leave everything they accomplished on for 7 years.

As for adopting GNOME Shell rather than KDE, or anything else to enhance the default DE, it was also a smart decision. While we especially study most of the design choices appearing out from the GNOME team, we can honestly acknowledge that it is one of the most sophisticated desktop environments. Consolidating that with the new well-built development cycle and expendable functionalities, GNOME was unquestionably a good for most users.

The Ubuntu team attempted to hold the Unity experience extremely desirable when using GNOME Shell. They have forked the famous “Dash to Dock” extension for GNOME Shell, remodeled it and re-published it as “Ubuntu Dock“. It’s not installed as a general extension in the regular user configuration files, but rather as a system-wide Debian package.

Features and changes

New GNOME desktop

The biggest innovation is the desktop environment. Ubuntu 17.10 is eliminating Unity in favor of GNOME.


Ubuntu 17.10 emphasizes the Linux kernel 4.13.

New Wayland

The default display server is Wayland, but can also run x.org as a session or on systems that cannot support Wayland.

New on-screen keyboard

The new Caribou on-screen keyboard is flagging the way for ultimate touchscreen laptop experience.

Same user experience

The usual Ubuntu life from desktop layout to key shortcuts continues maintained.

Familiar dock

The dock that has remained a staple specialty of Ubuntu since 11.04 is still here, but it can now be transferred to the left, right or bottom.