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Uber app tried to fool Apple but apple caught uber in violation of AppStores Guidelines


Apple CEO previously removed Uber’s iPhone app in 2015 from the App store because Uber Violates Apple App Store’s Policies and apple caught Uber because it come to know that Uber secretly found a way to identify individual iPhones, even if Uber App is removed from iPhone.

(Image Credits: SAYS Malaysia)

Uber is leading tech company, Uber individually keep tracking of individual iPhone even if app is removed from the iPhone or even if the phone was had been reset.

As the article mentioned on theverge, this violation is called as fingerprinting, and this activity is strictly banned by apple. For preventing company from discovering this violation. Uber enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area apple headquarters in Cupertino, it going to change code so it would be kept hidden from apple employees.

Apple finally catch this practice and meeting is held between this two CEO’s. In which Tim Cook told to Ubers CEO to finish this practice and if Uber didn’t, Uber’s iOS app is removed from App store. And it makes huge bluster to the company.

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Uber company also faced criticism for its toxic workplace culture which is posted by its former engineer on blog

Uber faced many problems in recent months in which some points are company used secret programs to evade from government policy’s and to keep track of its competitors, and also keep track of customers even if permission is not allowed.                                                                                                                                                                                        

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