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TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design): Everything you need to know about TED and its facts.

TED Talks (Image Source: squarespace)

TED’s Android app presents talks from some of the world’s famous and talented peoples, education, tech geniuses, medical, business, entertainers, Successful Personalities and business persons and music legends.

TED stand for Technology, Entertainment, Design is a media organization which publishes and organizes speeches and talks to viewers online for free. TED’s Slogan is “Ideas worth spreading”. TED Organization founded by “Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks” in 1984, and held annually from 1990 to present.TED brings speeches of scientific, technology, cultural, Sports, Music and many famous peoples.

TED events were founded in 1984. The first event lost money, and after that, it was 6 years before the next one. In 1990, TED talk held again in Monterey, California. This time, people came and the event was a huge success.

TED is owned by a Non-Profit, not biased foundation. And TEDs motto is to bring great ideas and speeches or conversations.

  • TED makes money through conference fees, support, Books sales, licensing, Donation and sponsorship’s by various organizations and peoples.TED spend its income mostly on Video editing, Web development and Web hosting for TED-talks and TED-ED videos.
  • TED.com and its Mobile Applications allows to expand great innovative ideas for everyone in this world for free.
  • TED supports new inventors for developing their careers in science, social justice, arts, medical and many more.
  • TED official android app allows to watch more than 1150+ TED Talks on android/iOS smartphones and devices.TED is available for all screen sizes, you can download TED Official Android App and iOS app from their respective stores or on Amazon App Store for android.

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  • TED Talks are published daily and App users can view ASA it comes online.
  • users can browse the TED library – by theme, tag, rating or popularity and users also able to search through speaker name and topics
  • You can share TED Talks anytime anywhere easily.
  • User can download TED videos and watch it after in app and it can be searchable in offline mode.
  • If you are interested in only listening, you can listen while multitasking on an individual basis or through TED’s curated audio stream.

Download TED app for Android in the Google Play store, iOS Appstore and the Amazon Appstore for Android.


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