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‘Galago Pro’ Ubuntu based Linux laptop now available for pre-order


System76 brings classic Linux based laptop

Source : System76

The user who loves Linux distributions, Linux is open source,but to buy laptop to take best user experience and advantage of Linux is somewhat confusing. The developers mostly bought intel based PC or laptop then format pre-installed operating system and then installs their favourite Linux distribution.it works fine but that windows key is always present on keyboard. This doesn’t affect your development skill or others factor but the people which completely Linux lover and developer feels somewhat unsatisfied with their machine.For developers which works with Linux “This Machine is like a charm”.

Customers now preorder this machine on their official site having price tag of $699-$899. System76 is a company comes with solution on it, System76 directly gives preinstalled Linux environment to user without Windows key present on keyboard.

System76 laptop comes with preinstalled Ubuntu version but their machine can run any Linux distribution without any lags and very smooth, Like fedora, Kali, Mint etc.

This Linux featuring laptop named as “Galago Pro”.This laptop looks very stylish, attractive with pure development experience. It gives thin, low weight laptop experience to users. We can say it is a MacBook having Linux installed on it.

This Notebook features HI-resolution screens along with back-lit keyboard and NVMe storage.

Most important this laptop costs $699-$899.

System76 specifications via betanews

OS: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS or Ubuntu 17.04
Processor: 7th Gen Intel i5/i7 CPU
Display: 13-inch 3200×1800 HiDPI display
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620
Memory: up to 32GB of RAM
Storage: up to 6TB
Networking: Ethernet port, Wi-Fi
Video Out: HDMI & MiniDP/USB-C
Webcam: 720p HD
Expansion: SD Card, Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, two USB 3.1 Type-A
Dimensions: 12.98″ × 8.86″ × 0.56″
Weight: 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg)


This machine is available for preorder on their official site.

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