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Kotlin vs Java: Should I learn Java or Kotlin for android programming?


Google announced in Google I/O 2017 that “Kotlin is a new programming language for Android. Many Android developers had many doubts in their minds related to this topic like “KOTLIN IS END OF JAVA? OR SHOULD I LEARN JAVA OR KOTLIN FOR ANDROID PROGRAMMING?” Lets Discuss in Brief wheather you learn kotlin, best kotlin tutorial etc.

Peoples comparing kotlins and java as competators, they use phrases like Kotlin vs Java but in reality both are differnet and they have their own advantage and disadvantage.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that runs on JVM, Kotlin is developed by JetBrains. Kotlin is Expressive, concise, reliable, powerful, deep and extensible programming language. It is easy to use and it works side by side with JAVA and C++ on Android.

Java vs Kotlin:

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Kotlin Codes are small in sizes

Comparing Kotlin and JAVA
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Java is very old and it is better to called bit outdated programming language, Oracle created JAVA to maintain backward compatibility, which basically, means whenever new java application arrives in the world it has to support its predecessor technology, and a result of this it is difficult task to developer to integrate new features; consequently, Code complexity also increases. On the contrary, Kotlin’s architecture was built from the ground, causing the absence of layer to layer architecture.

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Kotlin required less code than JAVA, if we compared both languages; Kotlin requires 20% less code than JAVA.

Crushes occurs on Kotlin is far less than JAVA

Kotlin JVM has fewer issues, NUllPointerException is avoided in Kotlin. This is often called in Coding Sector as a “Billion Dollar Mistake”. NullPointerException is present in most of the programming languages, but working of this changes. In java developers need to check manually whether the link is Null or Not Null and if Null is missed then crash occurs most of the time.  In Kotlin’s favour, every object is automatically set to be Null in this language and in addition there are automatized check-ups for the NullPointer to ensure code works properly without it.

Kotlin is SAFE

Main feature of Kotlin is every class in a Kotlin is a function and every function is class. This feature is same as Swift for iOS. Kotlin provides optional types for safety check-ups.

Kotlin Saves Time

As compared to JAVA; Kotlin’s code is 20% smaller. Small code means less time and code complexity and it means less bugs and syntax problems, and less time required for tracking and debugging. And it needs less development time.

If you are beginner then go for Kotlin because version 1.1 of Kotlin supports for JavaScript, which enables developers to go in more details and adopt more functionalities of programming.

Developers who is working on android development, they not have to worry because Kotlin is just Advance extension of java. They can move slowly to Kotlin from JAVA.

From a learning point of view, beginners should go with java because there is lot of content available for Android programming using JAVA and its resources. Kotlin requires core knowledge of JAVA which is difficult for newbies.

Once you become familiar with java then you can join Kotlin Development program and start adopting Kotlin in your programming perspective.

Advantages of JAVA over Kotlin

  1. Large variety of tutorials, books, communities and developers available online who helps you to teach, analyse and solve your problem for java.
  2. Java is mostly used programming language, Larger community means it is easy to find solutions for your java statements and programs.
  3. Java is lower level than Kotlin, Straight forward which means if you learn Kotlin directly then you are not able to understand some core concept of JAVA, but migrating from JAVA to Kotlin is best option you have.
  4. If you working in development team, your partners not that much aware of Kotlin, So it is better choice to go through from JAVA first and then adopting Kotlin.


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