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What is Sarahah App, Let’s Know what makes Sarahah App Special


Sarahah is trending on the internet since weeks, Let’s know what is sarahah App.

Sarahah App is trending on the internet and it gains lots of popularity like Prisma and happan as it landed on the internet, weeks are passed but there is still craze of sarahah app.

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Sarahah is Annoynmus feedback application which lets peoples visit your profile and leave a message about you even if they are not signed in into sarahah app, but there is an option also to tag identity of the user or leave identity. the reviews or messages sent into receivers inbox, a receiver can mark it favourite, delete or set a flag on that message so later on it can easily available to a user for reading or so.

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Sarahah App receives many good as well as bad reviews on the internet and it grossing since few weeks and trending #1 on Apple App Store and Android. Sarahah app team said, “Sarahah helps peoples to get anonymous opinions, feedback, reviews about them which help them to improve themselves in future.

Talking about the privacy of Sarahah, Sarahah development team is caring deeply about peoples privacy. A user can easily remove profile from search results, Also user can keep his/her profile private which allows limited peoples to view and drop feedback also limited people can share his/her profile. The user easily restricts access to unauthorised users in setting, People which is logged into Sarahah app can drop feedback on your profile. You can block users in-app so they not able to send messages afterwards and keep the user safe.

Although Sarahah app is very interactive, packed with lots of features and powerful security options which allow you to secure your profile.

Yik Yak, Whisper and secret and also website called as “Sayat.me” allows you to secretly drop feedback on your profile but sarahah focuses on messaging instead of any other comment or social media interaction section and sarahah is powered with many powerful security features which make sarahah special than any other Anonymous messaging app.

Sarahah is available free on Android and iOS.

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