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Samsung acquires data-saving app Opera Max, Becomes Samsung Max


Opera Max is Acquired by Samsung and Rebranded as Samsung Max. An update will be rolled out on January 23.

Opera Max one of the most famous browser amont internet users, it is first data friendly browsers and later it targets security releted features which are manily releted to unsecure wifi connections and virtual private networks. Opera operates safeguards against insecure and harmful wifi connections. This app is very popular among communities but it didn’t compete with its major competitors. and last year opera max was discontinued. Opera didn’t work on Opera max since last year and it is almost dead.

Opera max is more than browsers, The product had a considerably altered power resolution than our browser products, and represented a different focus for Opera,” at that time they wrote. “We, therefore, focus on our browsers and other upcoming services.”

Now, Samsung announced that they acquired opera max and changed Opera Max to Samsung Max.

Samsung Max is pre-installed on the company’s Galaxy A and Galaxy J devices in India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. Users on other Samsung devices can download the app now from Google Play or the Galaxy App store. Those already using the Opera Max app will receive an automatic update to Samsung Max on February 23rd.

Samsung Max scans all the apps installed on your phone and recognize automatically which application uses most mobile data. it actively compresses images, videos, music files, and web pages in apps and browsers to save data. talking about privacy, if you mostly used untrusted wifi connections available at open places then using Samsung max you can easily encrypt public wifi, all this securing and encryption process happens in a single tap. It also provides tracker blocking and a Domain Name System (DNS) masking service.

Samsung Max Features

• Samsung Max offers foreground data savings/data compression service and background data management to EXTEND YOUR TIME in all of your apps without your mobile data plan running out as quickly – perfect for everyday data savings, maximum savings when traveling, or when you encounter poor network conditions.

SAVINGS REPORTS – See the data your apps are using and reduce it by turning on data savings – to save your data and money.

MANAGE APPS by limiting or restricting their mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption to save money. It’s easy, Samsung Max will give you alerts for apps using too much background data.

WI-FI SECURITY – Use Samsung Max’s super-secure and encrypted connections when on public Wi-Fi to ensure your personal information is protected.

INCOGNITO – Go incognito in all your apps to avoid targeted ads and data snoopers from tracking you. Throw those tracking companies off your trail. Get PRIVACY REPORTS to better manage both your privacy within apps and network connections.

ULTRA APPS will save data, protect your privacy, and give you more powerful control over the experience of your favorite social networks and destinations without wasting your mobile data plan or put your privacy at risk. Ultra apps are advanced web apps that load mobile website versions of your favorite services, but they are optimized for Samsung Max’s cloud technology.

BOOST WI-FI connectivity in crowded Wi-Fi hotspots or weak signal areas.

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