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Meet Revamped Google Plus Brand New App


Minor UI Changes and Major Performance Improvements


Google Plus: Lots of us not using Google plus, and it is not that much trendy app over the past, But Google is building and improving Google+ time to time and this time we will see Revamped Google+ with Redesigned UI and Incredible new features.

Leo Deegan, the Engineering Manager for Google+ announced that the company will deliver a “brand new version” of the Google plus app.

We will see many under the hood changes and new features, such as stories or similar like this to compete with Instagram, snap chat, and many more such applications available on the internet.

Google will improve this app in rendering and scrolling as well as some UI improvements and animations.

Google Plus has more than 110 Million active users, it is a big number. So Google is stepping into this area again and side by side with Allo, Google is redesigning Its core Social Platform Google Plus.


Google+ provides elegant social networking experience. From flash, real-time updates.

Circles: You can organize people that you follow on Google+. You can organize stream.

Real-time stream: Stream continues as latest updates are getting posted. Latest updates automatically present up at the top of your stream after you log in, and new comments arrive automatically as people comment on the posts.

The sandbar: This gray bar appears at the top of nearly each Google product after you logged in.

  • The red notifications icon informs you how many fresh activities have appeared in your feed since you last checked Google+.

  • The Share button enables you to share an update to Google+ from the sandbar.

Photo uploads: You can post/publish photos, which integrate with Google’s Photos.

This Android app will available soon on Android, you can test this app in coming days.


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