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Plex Music player ‘Plexamp’ landed on Windows and Mac


Plex Music player ‘Plexamp now available on windows and mac which is inspired by Winamp media player, It plays any type of music format which makes plex different from others. You can remotely control plex players for better experience, and most importantly you can enjoy playback offline too. 

Plexamps interesting features such as a Spotlight-like search for your Plex music library, gapless playback, smooth transitions when you interrupt, change or pause the music, resuming and changing tracks, and loudness adjustments to normalize playback sound beyond various music libs.

Plexamp Music Player for Mac

If we see Plexamp interface, it is pretty cool and glamorous, Plexamp’s setting feature is a little bit same as Apple’s iTunes, and it emphasizes four various player sizes in total. Plexamps button only appears when you move the cursor on it otherwise it gets hidden so you feel there is the only screen exist. Plex co-founder Elan Feingold mentioned that the Plexamp team forced itself to think small in terms of the app’s footprint, so it could act as a diminutive comrade to Plex’s bigger apps.

The app also applies SoundPrints and visualizers on albums, which changes according to the album. The principal focus of the app is stated to be the discovery of songs within your actual music library which is present in your PC or MAC, with library stations that track popularity, rating.

If you interested to download Plexamp they can download it from their official site.

Plexamp is one of the best music player I ever saw, and it is a tough competitor to vlc media player, Apple QuickTime, and others.

Comment your opinions about music players and let’s see how people respond to Plexamp’s creativity.

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