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Playstore newest update gives improved appearance to “My Apps & Games”,update is rolling out worldwide.


Google Redesigned Play Store’s “My apps and Games” section,cool new look,dedicated tabs and more.

Google always gives a better structure to playstore, and now latest look for play store is rolling out worldwide. Update gives “Updates” tab, along with the updates count, change in font size, more information about installed and updated Apps Sorting of apps, and classic card layout.

Google redesigns a “My apps and Games”, new design adds a smaller app icons of apps and placed in a box manner. Google also designs a tabs which places more apps on a single screen. The new design gives number of apps in a list which tells user how many app updates you received. These tabs will also tell you the size of each app or app update.

Updates tab will tell you the last time that each app was updated, and the Installed gives the complete list of all apps installed as well as open and update option. This new update quickly updates apps from dedicated tabs without going their pages, Open app option is also there after app is updated to open it directly.

This update not as cool as previous but it gives more detail about apps and updates because of revamped small app icons and dedicated tabs. Update also tells app size and last time an app was updated, this features is not available in previous playstore update.

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