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Photo capturing tips, Become a pro photographer, Photo editing Softwares, Apps and more


Everyone want to take good pictures of everyone and wants to become a good photographer. Many people always wish that I can capture best moments of life, nature, and more. Peoples have camera in their eyes and they think it would be great if I capture this moment, they want to put their artistic nature through camera.

Here we present good tips for capturing best moment in camera.

Camera with accessories
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First of all, we look at camera, always keep in mind that you should clean your DSLR’s or Mobiles Lens.

Always clean your camera lens before capturing photos
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Lens before use, always focus and be careful about camera lens, if your camera lens is dirty it will affect the picture like unexpected light, unwanted objects, unnecessary lines or dots and eve more bad.

Always be prepare with your camera, you have necessary knowledge about camera and its controlling.

Nikon Camera Manual
(image credits: NikonUSA)

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Always ready with your camera with knowledge about how to operate it, how it’s effect works, how camera’s sensor works its various modes and more. Camera manual will help you to gain this knowledge more deeply for that model.

Before capturing, focus on object and its background.

Focus on your primary object
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Always think what, how my picture will be effective according to that adjust your position and background, color effect, viewing angle and more facts affect your picture so be careful about object and its details like background and others.

Framing is important

Framing is very important
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Allow enough headroom, adjust your frame according to image. Don’t cut the frame or any unwanted change in frame. Don’t place any unwanted object directly in frame.

Aperture control

various aperture modes

Shutter speed, ISO matters a most in photo, leans about aperture control and how to adjust aperture setting. Wide aperture produces very tip depth of focus and vice versa.

Be ready and operate quickly

Be ready for taking snap fastly, “Don’t Miss Moments”
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Always remember moments never wait for adjusting your camera, always be ready with camera and proper setting capture moments fast. If you not ready, then you will miss best moments in your camera.

Adjust or adopt great light

Adopt or Adjust proper lights

Light is important factor while capturing photos, Mobile also allows to adjust light. For proper focus, and details light matters a most. Use camera flash or external light resource to get perfect light.

Exposure Matters

Exposure improve creativity
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On auto mode camera expose whatever which is in large frame, when you come to know how to adjust exposure and shutter manually then it will improve your picture quality.

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Depth of picture field

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Your DOF (Depth of field) matter on what you want to focus and what not. Setting manually focus for shots for close work. Depth of field matter your artistic-ness and creativity so be careful and focus on DOF focus.

Position according to picture

Don’t hesitate and not to worry about positions, ALWAYS TRY NEW POSITIONS AND ANGLES
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This also affects a lots, always try to capture photos according to their size and shape. If scene is tall and vertical they don’t bother or feel awkward to capture photo horizontally or vertically.

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Practice more

Remember! Your practice will improve your photo quality
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Randomly and try to adjust various setting, focus, change positions, try to capture single photo by multiple angles. Your practice makes you perfect so always focus on practicing. Don’t hesitate about camera positions and try new every time.