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iOS users now enjoy with periscope’s live 360 degree feature.

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Periscope launched 360-degree live broadcast feature last year, but this broadcasting feature is limited to very few users. This feature is not available to all, but this limitation is now dropped. Periscopes live video broadcasting is now available for iOS users but this app is in testing and it will be launched to iOS users globally soon.

This means that iPhone users now broadcast videos to their surroundings. Viewers can move view point by scrolling or moving point on their phones screen.

This app is now available on iOS with a free tag. iOS users can download periscope app from app store and they can enjoy live 360 streaming.

Periscope is a live video broadcasting or streaming app for iOS and Android which is developed by Kayvon Beykpour and joe Bernstein and later periscope is acquired by twitter in 2015 before it’s official launch.

Instead of updating post or tweeting something user can able to start live streaming. User can interact directly either users in real-time and people or his connections can follow him directly via live streaming.

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