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Nvidia Showcases world-beating Titan Xp graphics card.


NVIDIA TITAN Xp is the world’s most powerful graphics card. Incredible computing horsepower and ground-breaking NVIDIA Pascal architecture give you the power to accomplish things you never thought possible.

Nvidia bringing its best graphics card for now in 2017, Nvidia’s updated its Titan X monster gaming GPU with a huge CUDA cores and increased memory bandwidth for the Titan Xp. It’s already been Slide into the line replacing the titan X.

GPU Engine Specs

NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 3840 Base Clock (MHz)1582
Memory Specs: Memory Speed 11.4 Gbps
Standard Memory Config: 12 GB GDDR5X
Memory Interface Width: 384-Bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 547.7 GB/s

Technology Support:

Simultaneous Multi-Projection: Yes
VR Ready: Yes
NVIDIA Ansel: Yes
NVIDIA SLI Ready: Yes – SLI HB Bridge Supported
NVIDIA G-Sync-Ready: Yes
NVIDIA GameStream-Ready: Yes
NVIDIA GPU Boost: 3.0
Microsoft DirectX: 12 API with feature level 12_1
Vulkan API: Yes
OpenGL: 4.5
Bus Support PCIe: 3.0
OS Certificates: Windows 7-10, Linux, FreeBSDx86

Display Support:

Maximum Digital Resolution: 27680×4320 @ 60Hz
Standard Display Connectors: DP 1.43, HDMI 2.0b
Multi Monitor: Yes
HDCP: 2.2

Graphics Card Dimensions:

Height: 4.376″
Length: 10.5″
Width: 2 Slot

Thermal Power Specs:

Maximum GPU Temperature (in C): 96
Graphics Card Power (W): 250 W
Recommended System Power(W): 600 W
Supplementary Power Connectors: One 6-pin, One 8-pin

The Titan Xp’s specs include 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11.4 Gbps, an army of 3,840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz and 12 TFLOPs,
(that’s twelve trillion floating-point operations per second) of brute processing power.

Priced at $1,200, this year’s Titan card is unique because for the first time, Nvidia is making his way to mac users with Pascal beta drivers, (also available for the entire 10-series line-up) that are set to be released during the month of April.

Source Techcrunch | Nvidia

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