Home Gaming Nvidia plans to launch next generation GeForce based on Volta later 2017.

Nvidia plans to launch next generation GeForce based on Volta later 2017.


nvidia graphics card always gives a game changer product to customers and capturing high market and goes on top position have the upper hand over its competitors. nvidia recently launched nvidia GTX 1060 9 Gbps, and nvidia 1080 11Gbps and nvidia Titan Xp which has measure influence on graphics card market.

nvidia is now making its way to the new flagship graphics card called nvidia gtx 2080 and it going to worldwide in 2018 and also tweakdown mentioned nvidia going to launch new Graphics card later this year.

nvidia is preparing graphics card based on next to the Pascal architecture named as Volta and it will hit gamers later this year. As mentioned article on fool the market of graphics processor and hardware of Q1 is very bad.

nvidia is going to release new graphics card series as higher performing products into market to upgrade and capture market. nvidia launched nvidia geforce GTX 1080 Ti high end nvidia geforce series and it is based on Pascal Architecture. nvidia will bring Volta based hardware’s later this year and if these cards performance is captures gamers and high end graphics developers and gives more throughput than Pascal architecture then nvidia definitely take over all other competitors and improves their sales and it will impact on fast growing of NVidia semiconductor industry.

Fool’s article says that if nvidia uses GDDR6 memory type in Volta based products then this not possible as memory manufacturer micron said it expects GDDR6 sample end of year or in the beginning of 2018.

Source : tweaktown

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