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Microsoft shutting down CodePlex,Notifes to devlopers move to “GitHub”


Site will go read-only in October and will be turned into static archive by year end.


CodePlex is an open-source project hosting website by Microsoft. It allows shared development of open-source software. CodePlex is a website where engineers and computer scientists share projects and ideas.[2] Its features include wiki pages, source control based on Mercurial, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Subversion (also powered by TFS) or Git, discussion forums, issue tracking, project tagging, RSS support, statistics, and releases (ClickOnce-releases are also supported).

While CodePlex encompasses a wide variety of projects, including SQL Server, WPF and Windows Forms-related projects, major activities center on the .NET Framework, including ASP.NET, and Microsoft’s collaboration server, SharePoint. The most prominent and used project that was born inside CodePlex, the AJAX Control Toolkit is a joint project between the community and Microsoft.

Today, Microsoft announces via blog entry the shutdown of CodePlex, its 11-year-old site where programmers could host and share the code for their software projects.

When it was founded in 2006, CodePlex was one Microsoft’s biggest steps into the world of open source software – where any programmer, anywhere can download and tweak the code to their liking. At the time, Microsoft saw free open source software, including the Linux operating system, as a major competitive threat.

At the time, there weren’t a tremendous number of good options for hosting projects. SourceForge was the big one, but it always seemed light on feature development and heavy on advertising. CodePlex on the Web was much more attractive and less cluttered. The use of TFS for source control meant it also had strong integration in Visual Studio.

But these days, GitHub is the default choice for most open source projects. This applies to Microsoft, too; the company is using GitHub to host projects such as .NET and its Chakra JavaScript engine. Activity on CodePlex has declined, with fewer than 350 projects seeing code commits over the last 30 days.

Accordingly, Microsoft has decided to stop running the service. From today, new projects can no longer be created. In October, all projects will be set to read-only. On December 15, CodePlex will be shut down completely, and the website will be replaced with a static archive. Projects and sources will still be browsable online, but the source control system will no longer be operational.

GitHub is the preferred new home for CodePlex projects, and there’s a straightforward import process that will copy CodePlex-hosted source and documentation to GitHub. Microsoft is also building a tool to migrate issues, though that’s not ready yet. Projects can also be migrated to services such as Bitbucket. This will be appealing to those using Mercurial source control with CodePlex, as Bitbucket supports Mercurial in addition to the more common Git.

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