Home Gaming LiquidSky allows you play any PC games on Android Devices using cloud

LiquidSky allows you play any PC games on Android Devices using cloud


LiquidSky has launched new era of gaming, LiquidSky launched Android app which gives new way to mobile gamers for playing PC games right on their Android Mobiles.

Credits: liquidsky

Credits: Venturebeat (LiquidSky)LiquidSky 2.0 beta is now available on Play Store, which allows you to play game on android by using cloud streaming.

LiquidSky gives each user a virtual Personal Computer where they are able to download PC games and access existing libraries. LiquidSky now is only available on Android where allowing players to play everything from low end to blockbuster games on low end platforms.

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LiquidSky uses features of IBM’s public cloud infrastructure, this approach addresses the scalability problem that crippled cloud-gaming companies like onlive. LiquidSky is the First GAMING pc which is situated on the basis of cloud.

Features of LiquidSky Gaming

Your games, Your Way

Gives access to gaming PC in the cloud that always powered with the latest technology along with the newest games.

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LiquidSky is the first freemium Gaming PC, which have free and for pro users very low cost experience.

Ultra low Latency with High Quality

Access high quality games on any Device, Providing high performance and great graphics.


Access a gaming PC in the cloud that gives great taste of technology with newest and most trending games ever.

High Speed Internet

Up to 10 Gbit/sec download and 100 Mbit/sec upload speeds.

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Cloud Storage

Download and access your favourite games whenever you want.

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