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Lenovo is making its first appearence with Blade concept is a 2-in-1


Lenovo is very popular for its yoga series of All in one/2 in 1 PC which is hand free laptop and tablet as well. But now Lenovo can’t stay stable with its yoga series. This tech giant going to hit some revolutionary Devices in future or in year-end or in next year.


Lenovo makes its first appearance of new 2 in 1 series which is named as Blade going to hit in next year.

Lenovo blade has some multipurpose integrations which is somewhat we saw in razers series. This blade is covered with some covers.

As a techspot says when user want to use the blade, the cover of this notebook get folded back behind the device. this stand is also used as a stand when we watch the movies or some online content.

Along with stand a removable/Detachable keyboard is present that connects tablet with the keyboard by using magnetic technology. user can position and use the tablet itself like a wireless keyboard in conjunction with an external display.

Some more details were expected from Lenovo for this high end new conceptual notebook. But there are still some doubts in tech minds about processing unit, Display and some other handy notebook features but hope Lenovo will make this blade very sharp.

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