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Latest HP Elitebook Notebook PC with Built in Webcam Cover


Latest HP Elitebook Notebook PC Redesigned with Privacy Enhancements


HP Elitebook Notebook PC: HP revealed a new segment of laptops, and most importantly this laptop has something interesting called built-in Webcam cover which gives you more privacy and ensures you that no one is watching when you not using your webcam.

HP’s fifth-generation EliteBook 830, 840, and 850 will all come with a built-in webcam cover in all variants.

This time HP brings cool upgrades in their latest laptops. HP gives true bezel-less experience this time with slimmer bezels and most importantly, HP 840 14-inch model of the laptop now adds an advantage for discrete graphics AMD’s Radeon RX 540 which previously come with 15″ Model. The 830 (13″) model still only offers Intel’s integrated GPU. The laptops are also being refreshed with eighth-generation Intel processors and gorgeous display.

HP is also launching renewed versions of its entry-level workstation laptops, the ZBook 14u and 15u. Both are dressing with inadequate design changes, with the 14-inch model slimming down enough that HP is able to declare it’s the “World’s thinnest mobile workstation.” HP is also announcing three new 4K displays that are meant to go along with the ZBooks.

They come in 27-, 31.5-, and 42.5-inch models with prices from $559 to $899.

These laptops are mainly designed for businesses. you can buy exclusively through HP’s website. And aside from some business-focused options like the EliteBook’s card reader, they work as a choice.

The three new EliteBook will be available for sale in next month, with a price tag starting at $1,029.

The ZBook models will also launch this month, starting at $1,099.

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