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iOS 12 Jailbreak: Jailbreak Spotted on iPhone X



iOS 12 Jailbreak: Every time apple patches its latest updates from various loopholes to prevent it from jailbreak. Recently at WWDC 2018, Apple introduced new iOS version called iOS 12 and released it’s first beta to developers, public beta yet to come for public beta testers.

Recently security researchers showed a demo of latest iOS 12 beta 1 jailbreak. iOS 12 Jailbreak is quite easy and takes only less or minute to jailbreak and install Cydia on iPhone, for jailbreaking iOS 12 no additional hardware requires.

Pro iPhone users love iOS 12 as it gives more access to core features just in few taps, but everytime apple released its new betas it gets patched and finally hard or nearly impossible to discover loopholes and to jailbreak an iPhone.

Well known Security research lab known as Keen lab demonstrated iOS 12 Jailbreak, Liang Chen demonstrated iOS 12 beta 1 jailbreak working on an iPhone X.

iOS 12 Jailbreak

iOS 12 released just a week before and keen lab successfully jailbreak its first developer beta. Keenlab developed an app which jailbreaks the iOS 12 Developer beta 1 without the support of PC or any other hardware.

Liang chen proved iOS 12 jailbreak and installs Cydia on it, iPhone X worked well with Cydia and its tweaks on developer beta 1.

As jailbreak history tells us, Apple patched all its loopholes in new updates, Apple may block this loophole in beta 2 or in public beta coming in near fall and prevents iOS 12 Jailbreak. Keen lab never shares its jailbreaking tool with the public so it may lead that jailbreak is not coming for everyone.

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