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HTC U11+ Coming in Early 2018, No News for U12


HTC U11 is one of the flagship killer smartphones in 2018. The Company details revealed that it will manufacture and circulate fewer phones than the previous year. HTC will now focus on it Big budget smartphones such as U11 and U12 and more.

HTC U11+ technobuckets

Reports rumored on the internet, HTC is working on the successor of U11 probably known as HTC U11+ which will come in 2018.

HTC U11+ Specifications: As per the htc mobile price and specification, HTC U11+ will hit the market in January 2018 with stunning features. With cool specifications, the device is known as Ocean Harmony.

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We expect Qualcomm Snapdragon 650, 4GB or 6GB RAM Variants and 64GB and 128GB Versions.

As per concern Screen of HTC U11+, It will have 6.00” Touchscreen display along with the high resolution.

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