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Blue Whale Game: Everything you need to know about this Brutal Whale


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Now a days everyone is connected to internet, from kids to olders everyone uses internet. And with bad use of this game one brutal game is trending on internet named as “BlueWhale”, also known as Blue Whale Challenge and this game is affecting many childrens among several countries. Bluewhale game contains many brutal tasks which assigned by game administrator to players during 50 days time period. Most brutal task is Task 50 in which player have to commit suicide.

The origin of this game is Russia in 2013 with name “F57”, and initially this game is circulated on Russian Social networking site VKontakte. The first suicide cuased by this game in 2015.

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A former Psychology student which is dropped out from university named Philipp Budeikin invented this game, and stated purpose was to reduce or clean the society by motivating those peoples who has no value in society.

Blue whale game is mainly affecting teenagers student after one journalist through an article focusing on suicide cases happen by bluewhale game. Later Phillipp Budekin arrested and pled as guilty.

Blue whale game sets the link between player and administrator. Admin gives series of task to player that player must complete, Player should complete one task per day, some of this task involve self destuction means player have to harm himself. Final task is very brutal in which player have to commit suicide.

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Blue whale task is something like this Waking up at 4:20 A.M. , Carving Whale on hand or some phrase, doing secret task, poking a needle in legs, hands, Standing on roof, watching horror films etc. and player have to send photo after task completion to administrators.

Secure Childrens from Blue Whale game

Keep your childrens safe from this dangerous game by doing some basic steps and keep your family happy and safe.

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We provide some tips to you to keep your Kids safe from malicious activites which allows you to prevent or keep wtch on your kids easily even if you are not that much aware of technology.

  • Turn on Parental control on your mobile
  • Parental control is nothing but keeping phone in your hand and giving kids to operate phone with some limitations.
  • Uninstall unwanted application/ Malicious Applications
  • Turn On Firewall on PC/Mac
  • Block Suspicious websites
  • Turn on Spam filter on email applications
  • check for secure and original links

Some features of Parental control

  • Content filtering: Block unwanted content, webpages or websites on your device easily.
  • Age restricted content: Blocks content which is 18+, or didn’t fit for your kids.
  • Usage Restrictions: Allow you to restrict data usage and limiting kids to use specific data or limited data on your. phone.
  • AdBlockers: Prevent unwanted ads on web browsers so kids cannot click on it so they will not redirected to malicious content.
  • Monitor mobile activities: Monitor activities of kids so you can set watch on them and prevent them from installing or visiting thos malicious sites.
  • Location Tracking: track location if your kid is going any unknown place with mobile device.
  • Texting management: Easily text notification for activities and be secure and safe.


Best Mobile Parental Control Apps:


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