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Grammarly: Heart and Soul of Pro Writers, Bloggers, Content Writers


Producing error-free content is quite difficult, every writer or author is not perfect, everyone makes mistakes while writing. It requires very clean attention to make articles error free and grammatically correct. Now a day avoiding grammar and spelling mistake became very easy because of Grammarly. Grammarly is software/tool/plugin to help writers for writing quality content. Grammarly checks grammar in real time, checks for spelling mistakes and even change or replace wrong words, sentences and modifies grammar in real time.

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Grammarly is available for Mac OS and windows, plugins for Various types of browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge. Grammarly also supports for Microsoft Office in real time checking for such errors.

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Grammarly checks errors and grammar formats with their databases and shows error accordingly and changes that error with the correct format. The application collects spelling and grammar data of user’s world-wide to make Grammarly even more perfect by merging sentences, words and some new techniques. to resolve this error in databases which makes Grammarly strong Grammar and spelling checker. Grammarly needs internet when you want to use Grammarly in browsers or while typing your blog directly in portals such as WordPress etc. Grammarly can be used in Microsoft office offline or by its native application available for multiple platforms.

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Grammarly add on also checks for Contextual spelling, punctuation, syntaxes, vocabulary enhancements, sentence structure. It gives real-time document type such as Academic, Business, Technical, Medial, Creative and casual for writing articles even more clearly, also these main types contain multiple sub-types for better creativity.

All bloggers, authors, content writers can get the huge benefit of this awesome tool. Grammarly premium version costs you near about 29.99$ per month. it gives very useful features so we can recommend Grammarly, it is an awesome tool for bloggers, writers, and authors. They can improve and make their articles, blog posts error free by Grammarly.

You can add grammarly to chrome and use it while blogging to change words such as double click on word and find it’s synonym.

how to add grammarly to wordEnable Grammarly by clicking the round Microsoft Office button (or File) -> Word Options -> Add-ins -> Under Manage select COM Add-ins -> Go -> Check Grammarly -> Click OK. Check Grammarly tab has appeared in Word.

how to add grammarly to chrome

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