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Google’s Tez app for India now pays your bills, recharges with one tap


Google’s Tez app put himself in the war of mobile recharge and challenges the WhatsApp and Paytm.


Google’s Tez app recently launched its utility payment business and recharge facility, which is most handy and most used feature in e-wallets. also, Tez captured more than 90 merchants, which is now available on Tez app to offer services.

WhatsApp recently launched its new app WhatsApp business and it’s going to launch Payment facility in India very soon. Paytm, PhonePe and other e-wallets feeling insecure because of WhatsApp latest announcement and now Tez has blown the mind of this e-wallet companies by launching recharge facility.

Tez started bill payment and recharge facility, Tez has a huge number of users because of its parent “Google”. Tez previously offered many exciting offers to attract customers on Tez and this time they came with new features and they made Tez even better and strong. According to Times of India, Tez grabbed 67% market share in terms of transactions in October 2017.

Now, Tez is spread amongst telecom operators, finance and insurance companies, electricity and more.

Tez added special designed bill pay system which allows users to pay a broad range of bill payments, including electricity, water, gas, DTH and insurance from the app,” said Diana Layfield, Vice President, Payments and Commerce, Next Billion Users at Google.

Tez is Built to support “Bharat BillPay” system, “Tez” will notify users when their bill comes and customers can check whether they have already paid a bill or not by simply tapping the name on their “Tez” dashboard.

After user locates his biller, they have to enter the pin associated with their account to link it to Tez and provide it a simple name for keeping in mind.

once users linked their account, for maximum utility bills Tez would automatically fetch available bills. Users need to just tap on “New Payment” and then “Pay your bills“.


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