Google recently announced Pixel 2 smartphone and Pixel Buds too. Pixel buds is a wireless earbud exclusive designed for pixel smartphone with builtin translate feature.

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Buds are wireless earbuds with a cable which holds this buds, it’s quite irritating. This cable also doubles the loop to keep both earbuds in the year.

It comes with charging the case with cloth material and this cloth case uses USB-C to charge it and it charges the buds. These earbuds are quite big as compared to other earbuds because it is bound to many features.

These buds are quite uncomfortable to wear because of its size and some other factors. user complaining that Not buds but that adjustable cable hurt because it rubs while holding the earbuds.

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Earbuds require a proper position in the ear to get better sound and performance of this earbuds. you have to adjust earbuds lot of times to get better sound otherwise you will complain about its sound quality.
The interaction between your smartphone and this pixel buds are possible with right earbud which is touch enabled. long press on this earbud will turn on google assistant and it hears your command very well. also, you can play/pause/stop the music by a single tap on this right earbud. A swipe left or right adjusts volume. A double-tap gives you a status update. The earbud is responsive, and I had no issues with recognizing touch gestures.

Earbuds cannot sense whether buds in the ear or not if someone touches or taps on earbuds it starts music on invokes google assistant.

Magic of Pixel Buds

Blending Google’s Pixel Buds should be simple. A client opens the charging cases, at that point a ready flies upon his or her Android gadget, and, with the tap of a catch, it’s finished.

I’ve matched and unpaired Pixel Buds different circumstances, and I’ve yet to encounter the promoted blending process. Rather, I’ve needed to open the charging case, at that point press a little catch for a couple of moments, and the matching alarm would appear.

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Notwithstanding utilizing numerous gadgets with a similar Google account, despite everything I need to match Pixel Buds with every gadget. For example, the Pixelbook doesn’t know I have matched Pixel Buds with a Pixel 2 XL cell phone and won’t interface with them naturally when I sign into it.

With the bar set by Apple’s W1 chip, utilizing a couple of Bluetooth earphones or earbuds is a stark indication of the amount Apple’s W1 chip enhances the general understanding. From consistent matching amid setup, to that data extending to ensuing Apple gadgets, the Pixel Buds can’t contend.

In all actuality, I am discussing two diverse client bases here. Pixel Buds are probably going to be utilized by the individuals who have a Pixel cell phone, perhaps a Chrome OS gadget, and are energetic Android fans. Apple AirPods clients are without a doubt dug in Apple’s biological community.

In any case, Google now possesses the whole experience. From equipment to programming, for every last gadget with the Pixel namesake, the organization is more than fit for making a more streamlined, noteworthy experience.


One of the primary attempts to seal the deal amid the presentation of Pixel Buds was the continuous Translation highlight. While wearing Pixel Buds and with a straightforward voice summon, a client could talk in his or her local dialect, and the matched Pixel cell phone would make an interpretation of an address someone else in an alternate dialect. It looked as though the fantasy of having the capacity to hold a discussion between two individuals talking very surprising dialects without cumbersome hush or stops was going to materialize.

alt="pixel buds realtime translation"
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As a general rule, utilizing Translate with Pixel Buds is indistinguishable to the experience the Translate application as of now gives. Just as opposed to utilizing two advanced catches on a cell phone show, one client touches the correct Pixel, Bud, to talk. The cell phone application is then utilized by the other party.

As it were, Pixel Buds don’t include a type of unique users to the Translate application. What’s more, to be honest, utilizing the application on any cell phone is faster and less demanding.


There is a silver coating to the Pixel Buds, and that is the way Google utilizes the earbuds to deal with notices. When wearing Pixel Buds, a caution is played when imperative notices are gotten.

In the event that you disregard notices from a particular application amid a set time, Google Assistant perceives that and stops full alarms for 30 minutes. Rather, just a beep is played with no other setting, just to tell you there’s a pending notice.

I trust Google includes more controls over which alarms are viewed as vital and in this manner read to the client through Pixel Buds. This is by a wide margin my most loved component of Pixel Buds and something I would love to see based upon – or even actualized by Apple with the AirPods.

Google guaranteed such a large amount of the Pixel Buds. From Translate to simple blending, to huge sound. However, the organization under-conveyed.

Pixel Buds are awkward to wear for drawn-out stretches of time, don’t offer powerful stable, and Translate feels more like a trick than a pivotal element.

For diehard Google fans, beyond any doubt, I can perceive any reason why you would need the Pixel Buds. Yet, I don’t propose going out and getting a couple. There are far superior alternatives, close to the same $160 value point.