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google pixel 2 review 2017: Beyond Awesome


Google Pixel 2 Overview

Google Pixel 2 is one of our popular Android smartphone of the year, its excellent camera. This is adequately the greatest camera phone ever made, overcoming the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So it’s the phone of choice for anyone who values camera performance, particularly when everything from mid-range and above is now especially fast. The Pixel 2 is of major super fast, Awesome Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and decent version of Android 8 Oreo. We like smartphones that are stock Android because they get updates much more instantly than other Android phones.

Google pixel 2

It didn’t get the deluxe 18:9 display, which puts the Pixel 2 XL front and center. the Pixel 2 XL is the better-looking of the two and demands a higher reward, it makes feeling for Google to give it supreme perceptibility. However, Google’s more valuable offers. That’s not to say the Pixel 2 is free to these issues, but at least most of them seem to be fixable by software.

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Google Pixel 2 specifications and features

specs are almost same to the Pixel 2 XL. You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, octa-core SoC, 4GB of RAM and a choice of both 64GB or 128GB of onboard storage. There isn’t any microSD card slot for extending the storage. The Pixel 2 is also IP67 approved for dust and water resistance and features NFC and front-firing stereo speakers. 4G VoLTE is also supported here. The phone also has the  Active Edge feature, which involves asking Google Assistant by squeezing the pressure sensitive sides. There’s dual-band Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5 and support for four satellite systems for location tracking.

Google Pixel 2 performance, camera, and battery life

The Pixel 2 is an effective player. However, due to its smaller size and minor weight, it’s a lot plentiful comfortable for one-handed use. It’s an inadequate time to obtain the notification shade with your thumb, without demanding to mix-up the phone around a bit. Thankfully, you can always resort to the fingerprint sensor to locate it as well.

google pixel 2 review 2017 camera sample
(image source: technobuffalo)

Multitasking is manipulated very well and we didn’t encounter any slowdowns or stutter during massive usage. The full-HD display is still plenty sharp for viewing PDFs and colors are brighter with the newly added setting. However, we do wish Google would have gone with an extraordinary resolution, which is what a decent flagship at this price level ought to have in our belief.


At the end of the Pixel 2 XL review, Pixel 2 might just be the genuine choice. It quiet prices a good premium at Rs. 62,000, which puts it head-on with the Apple iPhone 8, but more than its Android equivalents like the Samsung Galaxy S8. With the Pixel 2, thou get much much the identical specs as the XL, but a smaller display and battery. However, with probably minor difficulties to buy, let’s view if it’s still worth the reward.


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