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All About Google I/O 2017 highlights, New Launches, updates, Android Studio, Android O, VR, AI and more


Google I/O brings massive new features to users and developers this year, developers gifted with a new updates to improve apps quality, performance and new integration of programming languages, SDKs and even more. Google mainly focused on machine Learning, Virtual reality like daydream, Artificial intelligence and argumented reality.

Google I/O Keynote
(image credits: ZDnet)

Key Updates

  • ANDROID Passes 2 BILLION Monthly active devices.
  • Google assistant can understand real world around you
  • Google Assistant now coming to iPhone
  • Google Home now works as a Phone
  • Home is more intelligent now, integration of many new things like Sound Cloud, Hulu and more
  • Google Photos and Books (Photos with printing solutions)
  • Standalone virtual reality handsets are coming in next months
  • First Android beta is Available on android.com/beta
  • Android is focusing on how google will reach to “NEXT BILLION” users with “Android GO”.
  • GOOGLE’S new AI CHIP COULD convert the cloud into its NEXT ANDROID.


Android Studio Supports Kotlin Language
(image credits: androidcentral)

Android programming mainly focused on java programming as a default language. Jetbrains crated new language called Kotlin, Jetbrains also developed Jetbrains IDK for android studio. It is one of the official developer tool for android. Kotlin is rooted with java, Kotlin is a Object Oriented Programming language and now it supports Android Too.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps
(image credits: liliputing)

Android Instant Apps is SDK, And SDK is now available for everyone. Google has observed that from partners, Google noticed that instant app development takes only a few weeks in some cases. Now android client users should expect to run android instant apps become more pervasive in next few months.

Google Assistant

Advancements in Google Assistant
(image credits: gadgethacks)

Google focused mainly on machine learning in 2017 I/O. Google now working on feature that allow developers to start new features that allow to integrate actions in google. In many ways like shopping and ordering food. Now SDK helps to facilities payments without providing information to multiple Third-Parties. Google assistant now allow developers to explore their apps in many ways.

Machine learning and artificial Intelligence

ML and AL improvements
(image credits: techcrunch)

Google’s Cloud machine learning and tensor processing unit stacks over more efficiently, and big data processing capacity like hundreds of teraflops of data. The big news with Google’s AI projects was the idea of democratizing, developers not only build their own models for resolving problem but also experience the other model and the data sets they invent.

Development for Firebase and Web

Web and Firebase development
(image credits: ipullrank)

Google’s Android passed 2 Billion instances of chrome in use at any given time over 5+ billion active devices. Google also introduce a features for developers to measure their app performance. For google chrome it takes extension of command line tool. Firebase is performance monitoring tool that provides real time information of performance of application to diagnose as well as analysis to help developers for growing their application and adopting new features along with keeping app healthy.

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