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Google launches Hire, helping businesses recruitments effectively


Google launched its new service called hire, Hire is a service that helps start-ups, businesses more easily and effectively and also manage their internal recruitment. Hire gives a way that offers businesses an applicant/candidate tracking service that’s connected with G Suite to make it easier and simple for start-ups and businesses to contact and communicate with their candidates and track their progress through the interview or hiring process.

Credits: Google

Google launched earlier google for jobs, a platform to search right jobs for candidates, and now google launches service to manage recruiters their hiring process efficiently. It gives functionalities to managing job posting and also posting it directly on google new job widget in search. Company launched its AI-Powered Job Search Engine, it avoids to do partnership with major other job search industries.

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As google says hiring meant to help companies and businesses to avoid manually tracking candidate’s profiles or current status. Collaboration of G suite and Hire helps business recruiters to focus on candidates and avoiding glitch task like maintaining records and see status one by one.

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Hire is making his way to compete again many online job posting sites, google steps with collaborating G Suite and tools and services to bring new experience in job hiring process. Company is going to launch many products as time comes let’s see what google brings next to world that changes traditional era and make it digitized.

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