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Google Hangouts Chat rolled out with Perfect Google Integration to overtake Slack


Google Hangouts Chat application redesigned especially for enterprise users, Hangouts is special video conferencing application designed by Google goes under refinements since past several months. Hangouts previously had many ultimate features, this time Google integrated messaging service and made it more powerful with deep google integration.

Hangouts Chat previously available under the private beta program, and today it is available for all G-Suite users. Google tested Hangouts chat more rigorously to make it perfect application.

google has a tough competitor for G-Suite known as slack, slack is a cloud-based collection of teams collaboration, which mainly provides tools and services such as bringing the team together. So google made hangout even better with power packed with many amazing features such as create dedicated room in hangouts, the room of 8000 participants on hangouts, AI bots and threaded conversations.

The company integrated Google Hangouts Chat more deeply with G-suite service, they integrated G-Suite service with hangouts to provide better service.

Features of this service which mainly includes Inserting/Uploading files from Google Drive, integration of Docs, Sheets, and Slides. it is combined with Hangouts Meet for video and has access to a robust search feature to find earlier conversations and files.

Improvements also did in a security perspective, Google provides integrated support for the vault with google notes an enterprise-grade solution. Admins now export, archive, search and keep secure all the data.

As Google is a big name in the area of machine learning, with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Google powers, Google Hangouts Chat to provide great experience and stability.

The service has 25 bots. A @Drive bot will alert you to files shared with you, while @Meet works to schedule meetings on Google Calendar.

Google is initiating the platform for third-parties to create their own, with the following companies already having developed bots.

Hangouts Chat w/ bots

Hangouts Chat supports 28 languages and has clients for the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The rollout begins today and will be completed very soon.

Google Hangouts download for Android users.


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