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Gmail New Design is Awesome, New Theme, Confidential Mode Now Live [UPDATED]


Gmail is changing its design to complete new level with huge UI Improvements, Security Enhancements and New features and it’s Live.

Gmail new design and ui changes
(Image source: Techcrunch)

Gmail has more than 1.2Billion of users all over the world and it is famous for its features and usefulness. Gmail is set to update its web platform to a completely new level with the biggest update ever in upcoming weeks with new overhaul which completely blows your mind. additionally, Gmail is also launching a new confidential mode. The new version of this UI changes spotted on Verge.

Google will introduce confidential mode which allows stopping recipients from forwarding your emails, disable copy, print and download them. The confidential mode will restrict such activities and provides in deep security, privacy.

Also, essential features like snooze emails until and a new sidebar with utility features such as calendars, appointments, notifications and chats.

gmail confidential mode and design

Gmail is also focused this time on security and privacy, this time in introducing security feature in which users require a passcode to open emails which will be sent via SMS or on-screen notifications on the registered mobile number. restricting emails and expiry date for email mostly helps business users and event managers in which email get auto-expired and vanishes from inbox as well.

How to Enable New Gmail Features

Google’s Gmail is getting its biggest refresh in years, the search giant announced in a blog post on Wednesday morning. You can try it all out by clicking “Try the new Gmail” under settings in your Gmail account.

That means a shiny new look, sure, but also some useful-sounding new features. And the updates are hitting Gmail on the web, as well as updates to Google’s Gmail apps for smartphones and tablets. Some of those updates appear to be most useful for businesses, and some for consumers.

Google also confirmed that this update will be rolled out in upcoming weeks or within a month,  Google’s I/O developer conference starts on May 8th this year, and it’s likely that this new Gmail design will be part of the show, alongside some updates to other Google web services. Maybe Gmail new account create might see this changes first in upcoming weeks.

Lets comment what you expecting from Gmail in an upcoming update.


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