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Fitbit Versa Smartwatch: impressive smartwatch and health tracker


fitbit versa smartwatch

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch coming with better health tracking and cool style 

Fitbit launches it stylish smartwatch is much identical as apple watch has a power packed with many amazing features and outstanding design. fitbit tried to enter in the era of smartwatches from healthcare to wristbands and now smartwatches. it lacks at some point in creativity like polishing and some other design aspects.

Fitbit Versa is the latest smartwatch from Fitbit which is deeply focused on healthcare, Fitbit Versa smartwatch is quite impressive and it is on fitbits track for what Fitbit is famous and that is healthcare.

Fitbit versa is cheap and redesigned variant of its last year Ionic which costs almost $300 and Versa costs $200.

Its Rounded square display is made up of aluminum, Fitbit tries to give tough competition to apple watch. Fitbit versa comes with multiple color variants such as black, rose gold and gray. 

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Features

Fitbit Versa offers all day heart rate tracking, its own payment known as Fitbit pay. Also, it offers quick reply feature for Android users. you can give quick replies to your loved once easily with Fitbit Versa, you can also add music offline in it and synchronize it in your library to taste music while running or while doing exercise.

Versa is specially designed for personal health and deep productive features. Using versa you can monitor all your states and statistics of your workouts. from water to exercise and even further you can also monitor progress in your Fitbit app.

Track sleep time in various conditions, track time in the light, deep and in REM. Know all your sleep insight easily with versa and Fitbit app proper integration.

Fitbit becomes even best for females, simply turn on female health tracking and log you period cycles.

Check your daily statistics of health, your daily goals, and your achievements. Fitbit also reminds you of your goals and keeps you moving all the day, it helps you to achieve goals within your deadline.

using Guided breathing sessions, find calm and guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

Track all day heart rate, and heart rate zones during workouts or while running. Monitor your heart rate on the screen which keeps you aware of certain conditions. you can catch your every move on your Versa’s screen and keep track of every step and get insight.

More than 15+ Modes available to choose from, some of them are Run, Swim and which monitors real-time statistics while you busy in your workouts. It also has inbuilt GPS, you can see distance and [ace while running in real-time.

You can customize your Fitbit Versa’s screen with various faces like apple watch. you can customize your Fitbit by your own way and use your favorite avatar.

Most importantly Fitbit works with major OS platforms, iOS, Android and Windows so you can easily manage and track your health using deep integration of smartphone and Fitbit’s Versa smartwatch.

Tell us your valuable Fitbit reviews in comments, tell us what you think about this new Fitbit Versa Smartwatch.


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