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Facebook is now working on technology which controls computer directly through brain.


Recently Facebook F8 is held at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose this April 18 and 19, 2017.Facebook is teased that it is working on technology which control computer system using human brains.

Facebook F8 held at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. Image Credits: influencehealth

This big project is now in its initial stages, and it will require adoption technology which will detect brainwaves without any incursive operation.

Facebook developing “Silent-Speech” software which allows humans to type at 100 words/minute rate, which will bring big revolution in artificial intelligence.

Facebook announced at F8, it will be working incredibly hard to build a brain-computer interface without any outer surgery. Facebook engineers will use optical imaging to scan brain hundred times/second and it will detect mind speaking in brain and translates it into text. Regina Dugan, head of Facebook R&D division building 8 reveals the details at conference that this technology will allow people to type 100 words/minute, and g times faster typing than a normal smartphone typing.

Brain computers will allow people to control their computer or VR and any virtual reality experience without any external controller or via any provided interface. People directly control their computer and gadgets directly through brain by using silent speaking in head.

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Brain typing includes machine learning concept which hears the sensation of brains which will read this waves and decode it in instructions or texts without planting any sensor by brain surgery or anything else. Facebooks plan is to make non-implanted device which will more fast and reliable.

Skin Hearing is also important announcement at Facebook F8, Facebook is making prototype of hardware and software which allows skin to mimic the cochlea in ear that translates sound into frequency which gives to the brain. This technology allows deaf people to hearing through skins.

Source : techcrunch

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