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Facebook F8 keynote announcements


After facing incident of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is more focused on Privacy and security.

Facebook F8 keynote announcements
Mark Zuckerberg addressing developers and facebook community at Facebook F8 Developer conference 2018. Image Credits: Facebook

Exciting Facebook F8 keynote announcements for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp.

At Facebook F8 keynote announcements, Mark Zuckerberg is more confident while announcing new updates, it seems they learned well from Cambridge analytica and more focused on privacy and security. Facebook F8 is power-packed with great new announcements for users, developers and entire Facebook community.

Now, we discuss all the announcements one by one,

FaceDate: New Online Dating App

facebook dating app
New Online Dating App revealed in F8. Image Credits: Facebook

Online Dating! one of the most social media concepts nowadays, and Tinder, Haven and many others received¬†a good response in terms of users and success stories. Facebook is launching a new app which is specially made for Dating, where you can make your own profile which is not visible to your friends and who’ve also single ūüėČ and looking for love.

As Facebook launched FaceDate news, Tinder’s share fall by 22% on the same day. Maybe investors know that Facebook will not commit the same mistake as Cambridge analytica again and keep data private by investing more in privacy and security. Facebook will match information with one another, and FaceDate has it’s own inbox, so don’t worry messenger and facedate is separate¬†from each other.

Instagram Video Chat, Anti-Bullying filter and Improved Explore

nstagram video chat
Video Chat Coming to Instagram along with the anti-bullying feature. Image Credits: Facebook

Instagram is also working to bring video chat experience to its users. previously, Instagram video chat feature is spotted in its Android app. Also, some minor and major changes are also coming such as a filter for spam and bullying comments and redesigned, refined explore tabs.

Everybody providing a great experience in video and audio chats, even facebook’s every app such as Facebook, WhatsApp, messenger provides video chat feature and one more reason instagram’s¬†messaging¬†is very popular among #instalovers.

Now, we have to wait what Snapchat will bring to defeat or compete with Instagram.

WhatsApp crosses more than 450+ Million Stories users, Group Video Call

Group video call for WhatsApp
WhatsApp bringing group video call feature to its users. Image Credits: Facebook

In India, we especially saw Hindi songs and rivalries between MI and CSK, this feature crosses 450+ million daily active users all over the globe.

WhatsApp crosses twice in Stories with Snapchat, also WhatsApp is bringing group video calling and stickers and filters in stories.

If we saw the global capture of SnapChat and WhatsApp, WhatsApp humiliated snapchat in this feature. this is big deal because snapchat took global market lightly in some POOR countries (COUNTRY WHICH BRINGS JAMES BOND FOR PAN MASALA AD).

WhatsApp also bringing Group video calling so group members can communicate with each other through video experience.

‘Clear History’ for FaceBook

FB Clear History F8
Clear history feature added to Facebook’s privacy, to brush out collected information. Image Credits: Facebook

Facebook revealed new privacy feature which is Clear History. This feature is pretty impressive, it allows users to delete information, data which is collected by Facebook from apps and websites that use its analytics tool and various ads.

You can clear data collected by Facebook from history, data can be anything which is share among facebook ads and analytics tool to keep track of insights and more.

This feature everybody is expecting after Cambridge analytica incident and Facebook is totally taking this as a big challenge and securing everybody on its network.

Simple Messenger and Translation

Simplified messenger
Facebook simplified messenger and simple users experience. Image Credits: Facebook

In upcoming messenger updates, you can see simplified and elegant messenger. Facebook is redesigning its overall messenger experience. Facebook is removing camera and games tab to give Messenger a decent design.

Translation in messenger threads is one of the most advanced update revealed in F8, beginning with English-Spanish convos in the U.S. within Marketplace.

Translation among message threads will provide world closer and peoples among different regions together. The main goal of this translation to remove language barriers and bringing peoples together.

Share from third-party apps

Share Stories from third-party apps to Facebook and Instagram.
Share Stories from third-party apps to Facebook and Instagram.

facebook is bringing story sharing experience in third-party apps, starting with Spotify, SoundCloud and GoPro, other apps can share photos and videos directly to Stories inside Facebook and Instagram.

Oculus Go Now Available for $199 

Oculus Go Avaliable for $199
Oculus Go Available for $199. Image Credits: Facebook

Oculus is one of the Advance VR Headset developed and distributed by Facebook. Oculus is low cost and standalone capable VR headset goes live for sale.

Oculus Go available for $199 for the version with 32GB of onboard storage, and $249 for the 64GB variety.

Facebook App Review Process

Cambridge Analytica! the incident after which many sued Facebook, but now Facebook is opening its app review process.

App review process will review apps on Facebook and bans apps which selling user data and keep developers loyal and trusted with facebook.

Many more updates such as Oculus TV, VR Memories and 3D photos revealed in Facebook F8,

Let’s see when this update is actually rolled out globally and how users react to it. I hope you are excited to see¬†Facebook F8 keynote announcements on hand experience.

Please comment your opinion below on this simple question, “By Giving New Security and Privacy features to users, will user trust facebook again or Not?”.

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