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How to Download Website Offline using HTTrack


Download Website Offline using HTTrack: You Always browse various websites for reference purpose such as W3Schools, Tutorials point or any other website where you need that website continue with you on your smartphone or in PC.

Download Website Offline using HTTrack


Sometimes you have an issue with your internet connection or you face a problem with accessing that particular website. I’m writing here a tutorial on Download Website Offline using HTTrack.

HTTrack is an awesome website downloader utility for your PC where you can download complete website offline with all contents such as HTML/CSS files, images etc. you can use to easily download any website directly to your personal computer and access it anywhere, anytime without an internet connection.

HTTrack is a Web page downloader which downloads all the web pages offline. It is very easy to use but you feel its UI is quite old and looks like you are using Windows XP or older. But if we talk about uses and functionality of HTTrack then it is awesome and worthy. HTTrack is very simple to use, you have to just put website URL and choose which pages you have to download and select the download location and All set. Click on start and download website. While downloading with HTTrack, it will show you the status of downloading such as total files downloaded, remaining pages etc.

Also, define how many concurrent connections should be opened for downloading the pages. These are all available from the “Set options” button through the downloading process.

Steps for How to Download Website Offline using HTTrack website copier

Download HTTrack from their official site.

  1. Run the installer
  2. Type Project and Category name in the field and click on Next.
  3. From the drop-down front of Action, select Download web site(s). In case, if you want to update the downloaded website, select Update existing website and go further.
  4. Click Add URL and enter the website.
  5. Click Set Options. Uncheck use proxy for FTP transfers check box and Click on Ok.
  6. Click Next, followed by Finish.
  7. Hurray, Now the website download process will start automatically. You can see the download status and you cancel downloading anytime when you feel your required data is offline now.

(Note: Please take Proper Permission while Downloading Website, Contact Website Owner and Then Download)

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How To Browse The Downloaded Website Using HTTrack?

  1. Open C Drive on your computer.
  2. Move to My Websites
  3. Browse your Downloaded Website Directory
  4. Click on index.html and Browse your Website offline.
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How To Delete Downloaded Websites For Offline Access Using HTTrack?

  1. Open WinHTTrack.
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Delete Websites.
  4. Go to the folder My Web Sites.
  5. Select the file with .whtt extension and click Open.
  6. Click Ok and WinHTTrack will delete automatically the website download for offline access.
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How To Remove MIRROR ERROR In HTTrack?

If you face MIRROR ERROR while download website offline, then simply follow steps and continue with your download.

  1. Click on Mirror Error.
  2. Go to the Set Options.
  3. Click on Browser ID tab.
  4. In the Browser “Identity” drop-down, select (none) and click Ok.

It will take some time for downloading website offline while downloading you can see the downloaded content in your project directory located on your C drive.

The downloaded website is same as the original website, you can enjoy and get the benefit of the original website without any internet connection using HTTrack.

I hope you now understand How to Download Website Offline using HTTrack, have fun while surfing website offline.

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