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New Chromebook eve powered with Google assistant key and Fingerprint sensors will arrive in future.


powered with Google assistant key and Fingerprint sensor, tough Competitor to Microsoft Surface Laptop.

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Credits: tech times

Google is working on adopting some new technologies and upgrading its Chromebooks with vatiety of new features in coming months. The newly rumours said that google is working on new Chromebooks codenamed as “EVE” is spooted with new great fetures with Fingerprint sensors and Googke Assistant along with assistant key.

This Chromebooks co.es with latest intel powered processors and also some key improvements in trachpad, touchpad and storage.

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There is no exact details about features and manufacturers of this Chromebooks, No any news about its release date and launch. As previously Google working on the Chromebook named as “Kevin” and same Chromebooks were reelased by Samsung later.

This all information is extracted from comments on chrome developer forums and same, according to chrome unboxed the dedicated key is also placed on this Chromebooks for google assistant and it’s great features. “Wake on Voice” functionality is added in EVE, the post on this website also said that feature from Chromebook pixel that enabled user to see “how much battery remain by double tapping on the lid is also coming to EVE”.

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Also the screen is powered with resolution 2400×1600 and also support for stylus.

Lets see wheather this Chromebook is become the huge competitor tu Microsoft’s Surface Laptop or not.

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