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Blackberry KEYone beyond perfect: Features,Security,Specifications and release date.



Powered with android 7.0 nougat and a stunning qwerty keyboard, blackberry KEYone hitting in May to its beloved users in market. This smartphone is a perfect combination of a blackberry software’s and a TCL’s guaranty on security.

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TCL claims that the blackberry KEYone matches in terms of its powerful specification and stunning features. Company is going to launch Most Secure Android Smartphone ever in market with the world’s most advanced keyword with its handy features.

The touchscreen based on smartphone features with very intelligent keyboard that makes blackberry KEYone a premium class phone in the market.

KEYone’s Keyboard

A KEYone’s keyboard is placed below 4.5” screen, this keyboard is featuring touch sensitive keyboard with more advanced features. Many handy tricks and shortcuts can be played with this awesome intelligent keyboard.

User can assign shortcuts to keyboard, and more stunning feature is that you can find a fingerprint scanner n its Space key. This awesome combination of keyboard and touchscreen gives more interaction and friendliness towards multitasking. Keyboard is detached by many smartphone manufacturers they think physical keyboard not makes smartphone intelligent. But blackberry thinks keyboard is legend and key point in blackberry’s smartphones.

Security of KEYone

Blackberry living its own operating system and started adopting android for its own smartphones. Blackberry’s phone is somewhat vulnerable but TCL claims that KEYone is packed with most advanced security features in the mobile. DTEK by BB delivers more personalized and safety features experience to user by giving control over privacy and stunning security features. Also users have hard drive encryption facility in case if phone is stolen or unusable.


Away from stunning keyboard and advanced security features KEYone is packed with New operating system interface design,12 MP rear and 8 MP front camera with LED flash. KEYone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core 2.0 GHz Processor and also features Adreno 506,650 MHz GPU.KEYone having 3 GB of ram, KEYone having 32GB Flash memory and it can be expand up to 2 TB through memory card. The battery of phone is 3505 mAH.

Blackberry KEYone is going to hit market in May 2017.Users can register this awesome phone on blackberry’s official website.

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