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Best Sticky Notes App for Windows 10


Best Sticky Notes for Windows 10

Best Sticky Notes App for Windows 10: Have you ever used sticky notes in your daily life to take some notes or to write down important dates, some dues or something that is important to you?

You might use paper sticky notes or built-in apps on your windows PC to take that notes, but these built-in apps and paper sticky notes have some limitations, Am I Right?. What if you lost paper notes? also What if you have more customization offers to take notes? more nicely.

Today we’ll talk here some cool sticky notes for desktop specially built for Windows PC. These apps are fully customizable, provides you rich interface, advanced note-taking features and makes your desktop looks very beautiful and less crowded.

Here are some Best Sticky Notes for Windows 10 and chrome extensions for building your browser more intelligent and productive.

Evernote Sticky Notes

Evernote Sticky Notes
Image Credit: Evernote

The best thing about Evernote Sticky Notes is that it synchronizes notes between multiple devices, even if you have taken notes in one device, it automatically get synchronized with linked devices. So you can read anywhere these notes just by logging into your account or using your linked device. You can format notes like word document in Evernote sticky notes.

You can take important notes using Evernote Sticky Notes from your desktop, it is elegant and secure note-taking application. It uses different color schemes to differentiate between notes.

It is easy to use and provides you a great feeling to take notes on your desktop. Evernote Sticky notes provide best features like Great user interface, multiple device synchronizations, different colors for different notes and formatting tools.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes

In Windows 10 Anniversary update, Microsft redesigned its notes app. Latest sticky notes app from Microsoft provides deep integration of Cortana and pen input, providers remainders functionalities and some additional formatting toolbar.

This sticky notes app is available along with other apps in windows 10. you can simply search and launch this app, for better shortcuts put it on the desktop or pin it to the taskbar so you can access it easily.

Features of Microsoft sticky notes:

  • Create Sticky Notes – Simple, easy to use, and friendly notes app.
  • One click access – Access your Sticky Notes easily with your surface pen.
  • Using surface pen you can either write or type, Choice is yours.
  • Create Cortana Reminders – Simply note down a time or date with your note and it will be highlighted. easily create a create a Cortana reminder.
  • Added intelligence – Sticky Notes detects addresses, emails, and cell numbers so all you have to do is tap the highlighted text to open Maps, Mail or Skype.
  • Keep an eye on an upcoming flight or stock option by typing a flight No. or stock ticker with ‘$’ at the front. Bing automatically delivers the information you require to your note.

Simple Sticky Notes

As a name suggest, simple sticky notes are very simple and provide a great experience of productivity. With simple sticky notes, you can organize your traditional sticky notes in a better way. tear down all your old paper sticky notes and start using this application if you want simple and sober sticky notes experience.

Features of Simple Sticky Notes

  • Alarm and notification functionality
  • best usability app
  • provides great notes organization
  • built-in formatting feature
  • provides elegant and original sticky notes look

7 Sticky Notes

7 Sticky Notes

Powerpacked with formatting tools, built in customization toolbar and lots of options to customize your note. 7 Sticky Notes provides an option for Fonts, style, Alarms and manageable options such as note taking settings. It provides all text customization option which Microsoft word provides you.

Once you install 7 Sticky Notes, one symbol takes it place in the right corner. clicking on that notification gives you a list of options to take new notes, save all notes or save all opened notes.

When you take new note in 7 Sticky Note it automatically opens customization toolbar and hides automatically once you did with formatting, you can change color, font size, font type, bold, italic and even more advanced options like hyperlinks and alarm setup.

This application provides you alarm or notification option when you started your PC or at the specific time, this app notifies you with sound or Diggles notes.

You can roll up, lock note, delete a note, change the theme and arrange notes in this application. Overall this app is packed with various features and even further it is very lightweight, it uses very less space and it is quite responsive the other apps available on the internet for windows platform.



NoteZilla is Another sticky notes app for windows platform, it is specially designed for Windows users focusing on productivity and how well that notes are organized. it also provides online synchronization between multiple linked accounts as well as devices.

Notezilla is a cross-platform note taking the app, if you took note on windows then you can access it on iPhone, iPad or Android. Notezilla is freely available on Android, Windows, iOS.

Notezilla is a well-known app, and it is in development since years and provides great service for its users.

HOTT Notes

HOTT Notes

Hott notes are also advance notes application which provides you many interesting features, it is simple, user-friendly and easy to use sticky notes software.

It keeps notes on your desktop, notifies you about important notes you have taken and shakes when you set alarm. you can create to-do list using HOTT Notes. It has a great interface, you can edit notes with the highly customizable toolbar. It provides features like change size, font, adds hyperlink etc.

You can draw pictures, insert shapes and you can directly write notes using a pen, we called it a stylus. you can adjust notes size and manage easily just by stretching and resizing. easily edit notes, double-click on notes > edit > click on done and your editing finished.

Easily manage all notes at one place, HOTT Notes note manager allows you to view deleted notes, archived notes and even advance functionalities like batch operations.

Sticky Notes Chrome Extensions

Sticky Notes Chrome Extensions

Sticky Notes – Just popped up!: The easiest way for catching quick notes. Specialties like font size, color & themes. Collect as you browse in an outstanding way.

Sticky Notes: The first, a truly sticky app for notes on your desktop! It is easy to operate and customize. provides speech recognition support in advance.

Sticky Notes: Whit this app you can use to create sticky notes. The sticky notes are tenacious in nature meaning your created sticky notes will be there the next time you open up the app. The app uses HTML5’s localStorage feature in order to store the sticky notes

OurStickys – Sticky Notes on every page: Add Determined Sticky Notes anywhere on any web page, they will reopen when you re-open the page

I hope you know Best Sticky Notes App for Windows 10, comment if you know any better app other than this.

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