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Best Chrome extensions for Web Developers


Best Chrome extensions for Web Developers & Web Designers

Best Chrome extensions

Best Chrome extensions for Web Developers: Chrome is one of the best browsers because it provides huge extensions, tools, and add-ons for all type of Developers, Offers Best Chrome extensions for Web Developers, students, and type of add-ons.

Today we are talking about Best Chrome extensions for Web Developers & Web Designers, So Let’s Start



DomFlags Chrome extension will help you to styling elements. Using this great extension you can create keyboard shortcuts for DOM(Document Object Model) elements.

DomFlags chrome extension gives a better way to interact with the Developer Tools. You can now create keyboard shortcuts to DOM elements.



Booom does Dribbble.com faster and easier to use, it offers variety of features such as

  • High-Resolution and quality Shots in lists
  • Like and Add to Bucket buttons in lists
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Autoplay GIFs
  • Shots always open in @2x
  • Bigger screens support
  • Better Add to Bucket User interface



MarmoUI is a Chrome extension which provides you great way and helps you to take gorgeous code snapshots within seconds.

Window Resizer


Windows Resizer chrome extension allows you to resize your chrome browser screen in various sizes, you can easily select screen size or device size and you can check your site for better responsiveness.



Whatfont allows you to check which font is used by specific website, you can check your favorite website font just in a single tap using Whatfont

Web Developer


Web Developer as a name suggests it adds essential tools in your chrome browser windows which helps you with beneficial tools as ur a web developer.

Web Developer Checklist


Web Developer Checklist extension allows you check if all of the web pages are following best manner when we talk about SEO, usability, accessibility and, performance.

Instant Wireframe


This Google Chrome extension allows web developers and designers for viewing web pages, whether it is on a local machine such as localhost or on the live website, using a wireframe overlay.

Streak CRM for Gmail


It allows you to turn a single email or conversation into a traceable, assignable, organized ticket that you can manage easily or you can migrate or share with your partners.

PHP Ninja Manual


Using this chrome extension you can have PHP Documentation right in your browser, you can view almost all functions in this extension.

Code Cola


This Extension allows you to view the source code of your current webpage which you’re working on or you can also use this extension as CSS editors to edit or make webpage stylish.

IE tab


This extension helps you to test web pages on a different version of IE in chrome browsers. you can check compatibility of your webpage on different versions of IE.

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YSlow (Site Speed Analyzer)


This extension helps you for checking your webpage load speed as well as factors which slow down your website or webpage.

Search StackOverflow


This fabulous extension adds a search box directly into your Chrome browser, allowing you to search the huge resources of Stack Overflow. I personally recommend you this extension if you love web development.



The Chrome extension offers a huge template library as well as outlines, tips, samples and smart phrases to supervise you through the writing process blogs, posts, articles, posts.

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Highly Highlighter


Highly allows you to share highlights from articles on the web, so you can bring awareness to the most important parts of you’re writing.



create designs then export them into a CSS file for use on your site.

Email Tracking for Gmail & Inbox


Email tracking extension for Gmail and Inbox that allows you know if the emails you’ve sent have been read or not. Mailtrack extension appends the double check marks to your Gmail so you can easily track emails.

You can suggest best chrome extension if you know, so it will help our community to become more productive ever.

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