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Apple introduces new iOS update “iOS 11.3”


Apple is going to give a treat for iOS users with major new ios update “iOS 11.3″ with many nasty features.

Includes New Animoji, AR Experience, Performance, and Health.


New iOS Update: iOS 11.3 is the upcoming version of latest iPhone operating system, which will bring Augmented reality with more stuff, cool animojies for iPhone X users and improvements and stability updates and many critical bugs will be squashed in this update.

Control Your Battery

iPhone users always have some doubts related to iPhone’s battery issues, in iOS 11.3 you can take control of your battery, battery health, which app consumes more battery and manages overall battery performance.

Cool Animoji

Apple launches animoji with iPhone X with 12 different Animokies and iOS 11.3 will bring more animojies to help you to express more pleasantly.

You can use this Animojies in iMessage and these floating avatars express more detailly than early Animojies.

Augmented Reality

iOS 11.3 arrives with ARKit 1.5, which identifies vertical surfaces and unevenly shaped surfaces like circular tables. That should let AR developers create various new things, and could probably enhance the efficiency of augmented reality apps too.

ARKit 1.5 can identify flat images like symbols, posters, and artwork now and apply them to trigger AR content.

Airplay 2

iOS 11.3 will bring AirPlay 2, which enables Apple to take on Sonos with multiroom audio playback. It’s a feature that was declared last June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) for iOS 11, and it will shift to customers soon.

Read and delete iMessages anywhere

This feature will help you clear extra space on your iPhone, by keeping iMessage content in the cloud rather than on the iPhone.

Many Additional features such as iBooks now renamed to Books and many stability improvements, this update will be a rollout to iPhone 5S and Later devices in spring.


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