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Apple HomePod Siri Powered Speaker Provides Best Quality, Preorders Started


Apple HomePod pre-orders Now started in the UK, US, and Australia.

Apple Homepods

Apple HomePodThe wait is nearly over. The Apple HomePod will be available to pre-order online from January 26 for those keen to get their hands on the smart speaker in the US, UK, and Australia. Apple fans in France and Germany will have to wait until Spring 2017.

All Apple fans waiting for Apple HomePod since its evaluation, After a couple of months Apple HomePod Preorders now live from January 26 in the US, UK, and Australia.

HomePod is the perfect competitor to the Amazon Echo, but it is quite better than Amazon Echo in terms of Music and quality. HomePod provides great sound quality and you can access Siri in it, so it’s quite enjoyable to HomePod Users.

iPhone 5s or Above running iOS 11 if you want it to be compatible with the HomePod Speakers.

Apple HomePod is a perfect Siri speaker, using this HomePod you can give commands whenever you’re away from your phone or any Siri powered device. It’s like you are sitting on the chair at your home and want to perform some task using Siri, now it is possible to command Siri from anywhere in you’re home.

How to PreOrder Apple HomePod?

You can pre-order this awesome Siri based speaker from apple store app or on Apple’s official site and this preorders available in UK, US, and Australia.

The Apple HomePod cost almost $349 in the US, £319 in the UK and $499 in Australia.

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Apple HomePod Features

  • Excellent sound and microphone technology
  • Powerpacked with Siri
  • Woofer Designed by Apple
  • Seven tweeters
  • 7-inch mesh body
  • Spatial recognition

The HomePod supports several gestures using the touch controls at the top of the device. A tap will pause/play music, while a double tap will swap to the next track. You can go back to the previous track with a triple tap, and a touch and hold will bring up Siri.


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