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Apple ‘Files’ app landed on AppStore & “removed” before its official launch.


Apple ‘Files’ App released and it get disappeared quickly from the app store, it means something is coming from apple to control your files. ‘Files’ app didn’t revealed any details about its working, features and functions before its official launch at WWDC 2017.

As a name suggest ‘Files’, which means it will give a control to manage and organize files in iOS devices. It is assumed that this app will launch at WWDC 2017 and able to organize, manage, manipulate and some extra features bundled with ‘Files’.

The app was first noticed by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, and has since been taken down from the App Store. See Troughton-Smith’s original tweet below:

Tweet by Steve T-S

Apple’s iOS apps are always comes with great features, easy to use and smooth working, even when it is much complex to bring such great apps to users of iOS. Simplicity and greater efficiency is a Quote behind apple products.

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‘Files’ app is included support with iOS 11, Apple previously introduced to remove its first party app from iPhone’s Home screen but not removed it completely from iPhone. After the long request by users, company makes those default apps available for download on the App Store so users can reinstall them at a later date.