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Android P Features, New Era of Android with new Design


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Android P Features, New Era of Android P with new Design :

Android P is the 9th version of the most dynamic operating system ever made, Google recently released Android P Developer Preview for developers to taste it first. Know here everything about Android P and whats new coming with this 9th major Android version.

Google surprisingly released Android 9.0 known as Android P, there are various rumors about this name but we’ll wait for its official rollout. Tell us whats going through your mind about the name of this new version. The current version is very extreme early preview of Android 9, and it is not stable as well as smooth to use.

if we talking about Android P, it will support most notches present in android phones from different manufacturers and copy caters, you know about whom I’m talking about! Various inbuilt notches are integrated with this preview, but in case if any notch design gets missed, we will see those notches in upcoming betas.

New Features Packed with Android P

Android P is more focused on performance and its broad thinking about different smartphones manufacturers, which we saw when Google supports different types of notches even pixel doesn’t have any notch.

  • Simplicity, speed, and many new ways to extend your apps
  • MessagingStyle and other notification updates
  • Upgraded image decoders for Drawables and bitmaps
  • Display cutout APIs
  • Data cost sensitivity in the job scheduler
  • Multi-camera API
  • Minor UI Changes
  • Major performance improvements

What’s New in Android P?

Major smartphone manufacturers plan to launch a smartphone with face detection security feature and to implement features with additional hardware they planned to adopt notch. Major brands like ASUS, Huawei planned to launch their upcoming smartphone with a notch, so we can see the extended support for notch displays.

Android p notch support

Smart Notification Center: In Notification Center, we can see rounded corners, identical as control center icon in iOS. we can see this rounded icons in notification center as well as in quick settings. Android P comes with major Notification improvements, a preview of the last message in the conversation can be seen in a notification bar so users can identify topic and send a reply directly from notification support with ML-based quick replies as we already seen in Gmail App.

android p notifications

Android P Smart Reply: Google adopting complex machine learning algorithm to quickly analyze and identify conversations and according to that suggesting quick reply.

Various security related updates also provided with Android P, it automatically restricts camera, sensor manager, and microphone from apps which is idle and keep secure from data highjacking in the background.

Android P Maps Improvements: Google needs to make turn-by-turn directions while you are inside just as good as Maps has become when you are outside, and Android P is going to start making that happen with a little cooperation from WiFi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). This feature in 802.11mc will make it possible for apps to know how far you are from the WiFi access point you are connected to, and developers will be able to use that information to give you a more specific location inside.Android p indoor navigation

Android P Tweaks: Some tweaks like autofill options, password manager updated with more productive and smooth support overall apps, helps you to remember most of your confidential data in a secure manner.

Android P Security: Google is also providing high-level encryption for backups with a client-side secret and per-network randomization of MAC addresses, this feature will come in the picture with upcoming builds with more stable improvements in encryption algorithms. fingerprint authentication is improved to use in an overall system, new user interface for fingerprint sensor and it will support the majority of your apps.

Today most brands are providing high-end dual cameras, but only a few of them work simultaneously. google providing API to use multiple cameras and make maximum benefits of your camera and to catch more detailed image.

How to Download the Android P Developer Preview

Android p developer preview timeline
Approx. Developer Preview timeline

Android P Developer Preview is available only to the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. you can also run Android P in emulator available in android studio, just download android p from Android SDK manager and setup.

I suggest you if you just want to take your hands on Android P DONT INSTALL it or DONT FLASH YOUR PHONE until and unless your Developer.

Once you flashed your device with this Android P developer preview, and if you want to roll back your previous OS then you need to use your device’s factory image which is a little bit difficult and creepy.

What is P in Android P?


Google gives Desserts name to an android, this time we also except cool dessert name for android P. Various rumors about this name is already flying on the internet, Some of them are listed below,

Android P Expected Name

  • Android Popsicle
  • Android Pancake
  • Android Pie
  • Android Polo
  • Android Picnic
  • Android Peanut Butter
  • Android Praline
  • Android Pop Tart
  • Android Peppermint

We have to wait either google selects name from above or Android P gets a cool unexpected new name. Mention what new name in your min in comments.

As its first developer preview which is in a very early stage, this build is buggy, unstable and less comfortable. Many features need too many phases of refinements to make Android P more smooth, bugs free and reliable.

Android P Release Date

As Google released a Developer preview of android p very surprisingly, and a public beta will also come in very short period. Additional features will be revealed at Google I/O 2018. And final release of Android P will probably happen in End of September or early October.

If you have 2 or more devices and one of them is pixel phone then you can test this new build of Android and gets your hands on it.


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