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Amazon Go Technology: The Future Go Store is Here


Completely New Amazon Shopping Experience, Don’t Worry about Cash or Cheques.

Amazon Go Technology
Image Source: CNET

Amazon Go Technology: Amazon always uncovers new possibilities, this time Amazon Revealed new Technology in its new convenience store located in Downtown Seattle. This new technology provides you new shopping experience where you didn’t see checkout lines and it is far more than Amazon online shopping.

You do not have to worry about cash or cheques while entering in this FUTURE Store.

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When you enter in Amazon Go Store, you will not see any guard or any counter for payments or cashiers who check your cart. After entering the store you have to pick items and put it in Amazon’s own shopping cart.

After your shopping, transactions are made wirelessly using the Amazon Go app and your Amazon account.

Amazon opens this Amazon Go in December 2016 for Amazons employee only. It’s quite simple to buy items in this store, you have to scan your Amazon Go app at the entry point and let’s start shopping.

You can buy anything in this Amazon Go Store like Snacks, food, Drinks, Groceries, and alcohol too. After your shopping you can directly leave this store without any checkout process or any payment, Bill automatically gets deducted from your Amazon account.

(In some cases, You have to verify your Amazon ID when you purchase Alcohol type of materials, otherwise, it is completely automated.)

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Amazon Go works on the basis of Amazon’s Computer vision, special sensors, shelf sensors who monitors your all activities while you purchase in Amazon Go store.

This type of technology may or may not suit in the crown environment or other places where items may not get recognized by sensors, But Amazon will surely overcome such limitations and it will put shopping experience at a new level.

For now, Amazon Go Technology is only available in Downtown Seattle, but Amazon will capture many cities and opens many Amazon store locations in upcoming months or year.

So thanks to Amazon for making the shopping experience more feasible and automated.

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